Metal Scene News Hacked Again

Well, it has happened again. We’ve been hacked. You try to do something good for people by providing them a decent site with some decent info on heavy metal and what do we get for it? Hacked! This time some dumb ass got into our site and set a redirect to his ppc site, so that everytime I clicked anything it would redirect to his ppc site and earn him money.

Are people so desperate for money that they have to resort to things like this. We lost our whole library of articles and have to start over for the 3rd time. If I could ever find out who is doing this, I’d show up on their door step and kick the fuck out of them. I’m not some computer geek who can’t fight either. So fuck you hacker! Fuck you!

We will never go away, cuz you can’t stop metal. Never will. We are already at work putting content back on the site. So subscribe to our feed cuz we are going to bring you even more news now.


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