Metallica’s Lars Ulrich + Snowboarder Pat Moore Discuss New Vans Shoe

Mary Ouellette, Metallica ‘s recent Vans shoes video series is now complete with drummer Lars Ulrich meeting with snowboarding great Pat Moore to spend some time on the slopes and discuss the creation of Ulrich’s newly designed Vans shoe. In the clip, Ulrich and Moore seem to be having a great day skiing and boarding. Moore talks metal with Ulrich and revealed that even though snowboarding may seem to be a peaceful sport, he gets himself amped up with some hard rocking. He explains, “I’m full metal, dude, and if I’m snowboarding, I’ll put in my music and if I’m listening to metal, I get so juiced. It’s dangerous.” After some time racing down the hill, the pair meet up for a fireside chat, where Ulrich discusses the creation of his new Metallica Era Laceless shoe. The drummer explains, “The last couple of years I’ve been getting into footwear that’s kind of laceless. And so when these guys asked what I wanted to do, I didn’t hesitate. I have this line with Tama where I make these snare drums that are made out of diamond plate and that’s kind of my signature, so you’ve got the diamond plate here [on the side] and the Metallica logo and the little cartoony silly Lars in there (inner sole) … and doing the bottom black and just had a great, easy, kind of effortless shoe.” The rocker shared his creative involvement, explaining, “I sat with the drawings and sat with the team and six months later these magically appeared, like in my lap. It’s like, ‘Oh cool, I have my own Vans shoe. How f—ing cool is that?’” Ulrich’s Vans video follows recent clips from James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo , in which the musicians met with skater Steve Caballero, pro surfer Nathan Fletcher and Vans team skater Tony Trujillo. For more information on the new Metallica Vans Line and to find out how to order your shoes, click here . Watch Lars Ulrich and Pat Moore Bond Over Skiing and Vans Shoes [button href=”” title=”Next: Metallica Deny U.S. Military Contact Concerning Music Interrogation” align=”center”]

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich + Snowboarder Pat Moore Discuss New Vans Shoe

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