New LAMB OF GOD Documentary Chronicles Randy Blythe’s Intense Czech Trial & Is A Must Watch!


Today, Lamb of God released a trailer for a new documentary coming soon called As The Palaces Burn and this trailer is a must-watch.

About two years ago, Lamb of God were seeking international fans for a documentary on how metal is global. Midway through the process, Randy Blythe was arrested and charged with what amounted to manslaughter in the Czech Republic, forcing the project to switch tracks.

From the looks of the trailer, we will be getting a lot of insight into how the band reacted to the entire ordeal. We’ve covered the trial from day one, from the outside, mostly by using Google Translate to make sense of Czech articles from inside the court house, but this will be our first official look inside both the court and the minds of the bandmembers and what they went through.

The documentary was directed by Don Argott, who previously worked on Last Days Here, focusing on Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling’s attempt to kick crack addiction and reform his band.

The doc premieres on November 20th at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, with a theatrical and home release planned for next year. I want to see it now!



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