Nightwish Unveil Own Brand of Wine + New Trailer for ‘Imaginaerum’ Movie Finnish symphonic metal masters Nightwish have been working on a film to complement their ‘Imaginaerum’ album, which was released to critical acclaim. Along with a new trailer for the movie, Nightwish have just announced that they will be creating Imaginaerum wine to bring the experience to a completely new sense. Even with the recent departure of singer Anette Olzon , the direction of Nightwish’s ‘Imaginaerum’ projects has gone unhindered. “We are proud to present a new Nightwish item, Imaginaerum wine ,” begins keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. “Imaginaerum is the most imaginative wine on the planet. It’s inspired by otherworldly splendours, moments of wonderment and the joyous sound of laughter with a hint of campfire poetry, music of the spheres, and the long, smooth, star-filled finish of Lucid Dreams. It is a wine best enjoyed with the ones you hold dear. Cheers and enjoy!” Winemaking is no easy business, and it would be easy to simply bottle some sort of rushed and half-assed product, but Nightwish have taken the task very seriously. The grapes used for the wine were up to 100 years old and gave off super intensive aromas before spending 14 months in small barrels made of French oak. As for the newest ‘Imaginaerum’ movie trailer, the finished promo looks absolutely phenomenal, delivering some incredibly eye-gasmic cinematography. “Basically [the film is] about this old guy who use to be a composer and he’s really sick,” Holopainen told us in an exclusive interview . “He’s lying on his death bed in a hospital and he’s going through his life, through his dreams — that’s the basic story line. It’s all about praising life and life’s beauty, imagination and all the strife and the bad stuff we have to face.” The first bottling of Imaginaerum wine is set to take place this week, and the ‘Imaginaerum’ film is set to be released in Finland on Nov. 23. Watch the Trailer for ‘Imaginaerum’

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Nightwish Unveil Own Brand of Wine + New Trailer for ‘Imaginaerum’ Movie

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