Nonpoint Prize Pack Giveaway!

Razor & Tie Nonpoint are back and rocking as hard as ever with their new self-titled album and Loudwire is teaming up with the band to offer you a prize package surrounding the new release. By simply entering your details below, you could win an autographed Nonpoint CD, an autographed Nonpoint poster, and a black Nonpoint TV t-shirt (as seen to your left). Though the band has reconfigured their lineup, singer Elias Soriano feels they are solid moving forward. The vocalist says of the new disc , ” We wanted this record to be a punch in the face. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to artistically vent about. It’s a fresh start for us. We felt like having a self-titled record says it all. We hit the reset button, and there’s life again. You can hear it musically. We’re not going anywhere.” Drummer Robb Rivera echoes those sentiments, adding, “This album is the beginning of a brand new chapter in the world of Nonpoint … rejuvenated and full of positivity. Elias has written his most personal lyrics yet that shows the signs of endurance this band has had in our 15 year career.” So far, the response has been mostly positive, with the group already releasing the preview track ‘ I Said It ‘ as well as the recent single, ‘Left for You.’ To hear those songs, as well as the rest of the band’s latest release, you can order their album in a variety of packages at the group’s website . You can also fill out the form below for a chance to win the Nonpoint Prize Package: Nonpoint Prize Pack Giveaway Enter your e-mail address and T-shirt size for a chance to win an autographed Nonpoint CD, an autographed Nonpoint poster, and a black Nonpoint TV t-shirt . Contest ends Nov. 10, 2012. Click here for official rules . By entering this contest, you will automatically start receiving daily newsletters from Loudwire. You can unsubscribe at any time. You will also be added to the Nonpoint mailing list. Email T-shirt Size

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Nonpoint Prize Pack Giveaway!

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