Oblivion, ‘Called to Rise’ – Full Album Stream

Oblivion In December 2012, All Shall Perish founding member and guitarist Ben Orum left the group after a decade of service. The decision couldn’t have been an easy one for Orum, but the accomplished axe-man chose to leave in order to spend more time with his family. Luckily, Orum is far from finished when it comes to making music, having joined Californian metal act Oblivion . The band recently self-released their debut full-length, ‘Called to Rise,’ and you can hear the entire album right here on Loudwire. Last month we helped unleash Oblivion’s video for ‘Reclamation’ as an exclusive premiere , and now we’ve got the full album streaming for all you metalheads out there. Oblivion vocalist Nick Vasallo gave us an exclusive quote on what he and the other Oblivion musicians plan to accomplish with the project: As a band, OBLIVION doesn’t want to just fit into the typical death metal category. Sure, we come from primarily a death metal background and we fulfill all the stylistic criteria associated with it. But we want our music to have broad conceptions and extreme depth. I believe that musical eclecticism is the future of music and what is needed to prevent deadlock in our art. I get bored quite easily with a single style so on this album you’ll hear a lot of different types of extreme music: technical death metal, black metal, post-metal, progressive metal, doom, and even modern classical music. The trick is to balance all of these and unify them in a single voice. I urge any fan of extreme music to give this album a chance and listen to the whole thing. Uninterrupted and fully attentive…there’s a lot to pick out. Check out the music player below to hear Oblivion’s ‘Called to Rise’ in full. To purchase the digipak CD, which is limited to only 1000 physical copies, or a digital download of the album,  click here .

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Oblivion, ‘Called to Rise’ – Full Album Stream

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