Orgy’s New Lineup Shows Off ‘Grime of the Century’ at West Hollywood Stop

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Some of the faces may have changed, but Orgy and frontman Jay Gordon are still rocking it as solid as ever. The band returned to the Roxy in West Hollywood, Calif., Sunday night (Sept. 23) with a set that provided the perfect showcase for the band’s new single, ‘ Grime of the Century .’ The veteran rockers haven’t released a record since 2004, with Gordon eventually tiring of the hiatus, reclaiming the band name and re-staffing the group with former members of Deadsy and the Start among others. With the new lineup featuring guitarists Carlton Bost and Ashburn Miller, bassist Nic Speck and drummer Jamie Miller, Orgy are ready to re-establish themselves in the live setting after spending their recent months in the studio. The group got things rolling with tracks like ‘Dissension,’ ’107,’ and ‘Suckerface’ all showing the new band member’s chops while Gordon was like a live wire bounding with endless energy across the Roxy stage. After getting the audience worked up with the older favorites, the group decided debut their new single live for the first time. The good news for the band is that ‘Grime of the Century’ received one of the biggest responses of the night. The industrial rocker fit right in with the band’s past works, translated well to the stage, and even inspired a circle pit to break out. In addition, a film crew were on hand to capture the song’s live debut. With ‘Grime of the Century,’ the Orgy re-activation seems to be heading in the right direction. The band continued the momentum by following with such favorites as ‘Fiction (Dreaming in Digital),’ ‘Opticon,’ and ‘Eva’ before finishing out the night with their biggest single, their cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday.’ During the encore performance, Gordon felt so inspired by the audience energy he decided to take part, leaving the stage and joining the crowd while singing the song. He even boldly ventured into the circle pit for a moment before finally making his way back to the stage. As of yet, there are no finalized details on a full Orgy record, but with ‘Grime of the Century’ leading the way, the comeback is off on the right foot. [button href=”” title=”Next: Orgy Return to the Studio” align=”center”]

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Orgy’s New Lineup Shows Off ‘Grime of the Century’ at West Hollywood Stop

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