The Acacia Strain Enter Death Match Hall of Fame

Rise Congratulations are in order for theĀ  Acacia Strain . Their continued success in the Death Match has brought the Mass. band to the Hall of Fame after four consecutive victories. The Acacia Strain and their track ‘Victims of the Cave’ first took on Parkway Drive to capture their first win, and soon after put grind greats Pig Destroyer to rest in Round Two. Other victims of the song include Fear Factory, who put up a respectable and mechanical fight, and Ill Nino who were the final act to be stricken down by the Acacia Strain. Having achieved four consecutive wins, we at Loudwire now declare ‘Victims of the Cave’ as immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame. The Acacia Strain are now one of only seven bands to have made it to the sacred Hall, which also is home to bands such as Gojira, Meshuggah and Katatonia. Now that ‘Victims of the Cave’ has been retired, we’ve got two new bands entering the Death Match in our next round, and it’s one of our heaviest contests yet between two true metal legends. Get ready for Destruction vs. Napalm Death. The Acacia Strain, ‘Victims of the Cave’

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The Acacia Strain Enter Death Match Hall of Fame

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