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Kid Rock Partners With Harley-Davidson for 110th Anniversary Celebration

Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images If silver marks a 25th anniversary and gold is for 50, apparently the perfect gift for a 110th anniversary is “rock,” and that’s exactly what Harley-Davidson will get for their latest milestone celebration as Kid Rock  has signed on to play a bash for the company. The vocalist has just announced an exclusive partnership with the iconic motorcycle company that will include his appearance at the Labor Day weekend concert in Milwaukee. In addition, Harley-Davidson has come on board as the main sponsor of Rock’s ‘Rebel Soul’ tour , which launches tonight (Feb. 2) in Kansas City. As part of their backing, Harley-Davidson plan to offer unique fan experiences at each of Rock’s 60 planned tour stops. ‘What’s not to love about Harley?” said Rock. “They are the backbone of American culture, the flagship American brand. I am honored and excited to partner with this legendary icon that has helped define American freedom at home and abroad. In 110 years, no one has done a better job of representing America — there is NOTHING that screams America like Harley-Davidson.” Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richter added, “Kid Rock puts on a great show and embodies a lot of what Harley-Davidson and our fans stand for — freedom, independence, self-expression and the rebel spirit. We’re excited to take an unprecedented ride with him during the Rebel Soul tour.” As part of the partnership, Harley-Davidson will also co-brand Kid Rock’s ‘Rebel Soul’ merchandising featuring the song lyric, “ I can’t hear you over the rumble of my freedom .” [button href=”” title=”Next: Check Out Other 2013 Must-See Rock Concerts” align=”center”]

Pearl Jam To Perform at Chicago’s Wrigley Field

Twitter: Pearl Jam Pearl Jam ‘s Eddie Vedder has been a lifelong Cubs fan, and he’ll get to experience Wrigley Field as a performer yet again when his band headlines a show at the historic ballpark July 19. Even though this is Pearl Jam’s first time playing at Wrigley, it’s not Vedder’s first dealings with the “friendly confines.” He’s been asked to throw out the first pitch at Cubs games in the past and just last year he joined Bruce Springsteen onstage when “The Boss” brought his E Street Band to the baseball park. The group began teasing the appearance on Twitter with a photo that showed a stage setup on Wrigley Field with the hashtag @StayTuned. Meanwhile the Cubs Twitter account showed a photo of a Cubs jersey with the number “10″ on it, followed by the same stage setup photo and a lyric ‘All the Way,’ a song Vedder penned about the team. In addition to the Wrigley Field date, Pearl Jam have announced a July 16 show at London, Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens. Both the Chicago and Ontario dates are billed as “An Evening With Pearl Jam,” with no opening act expected to play. While it is not known if the shows signify the band being any closer to finishing the follow-up to 2009′s ‘Backspacer’ album, rumors have begun to circulate about the dates being part of a full Pearl Jam tour. [button href=”” title=”Check Out the 2013 Must-See Rock Concerts” align=”center”]

Simone ‘Som’ Pluijmers Quits Cerebral Bore for Her Own ‘Happiness and Safety’

Earache Perhaps the most purely brutal female metal vocalist in modern metal, Simone ‘Som’ Pluijmers , parted ways with  Cerebral Bore just 24 hours before the band were set to begin touring with Dying Fetus , Cattle Decapitation and Malignancy. The messy breakup has been addressed by both parties, with Som claiming that she doesn’t feel safe on the road with Cerebral Bore. Cerebral Bore posted a sudden announcement on Nov. 23 via their Facebook page to inform fans that due to “logistical nightmares,” the band had no choice but to cancel their appearance the tour’s opening date in Springfield, Va. The band, with Som, successfully played the very next day in Atlanta, Ga. with seemingly no issues or ill will. Surprisingly, it was the following day (Nov. 25) that Cerebral Bore broke the news of Som’s departure and who her replacement would be during the remainder of the tour: Som walked out on us less than 24 hours before the US tour, and we were forced to either cancel or go ahead with it as an instrumental if need be. We didn’t want to let our US fans down, so we went ahead with our buddy Shawn Whitaker on vocals for the tour. Show us your support and make Shawn feel at home, he saved us from a disaster. Pluijmers, who has been showcased on our Brutal Female Metal Vocalists feature, reportedly posted a statement on her official Facebook fan page, although the post has since been pulled. I decided to leave because Paul McGuire (guitar) treated me bad… And him saying I walked out on them like Im a b-tch is ridiculous. Im not a diva, I had to do this for my own happiness and safety. He woudnt let us have an own opinion or wouldnt let me have friends and screamt at us all the time. Im sorry but I was too unhappy with him and had to leave. There was more going on than this but if hes gonna start bulls–t than im more than happy to tell you guys the truth. I had to do this for me and thought about fans etc. it was a difficult decision… But for the best…Its about the music indeed. I used to think this about other bands too. But we are the ones who have to eat, sleep, travel and are around each other all the time. Living with someone youre scared of is the not good guys, I hope you understand. Please take care. As of this posting, Cerebral Bore are set to perform the entirety of their remaining tour dates with Shawn Whitaker on vocals. [button href=”” title=”Check out the most Brutal Female Metal Vocalists” align=”center”]

All That Remains, ‘A War You Cannot Win’ – Album Review

Razor & Tie All That Remains  are a polarizing band. Frontman Phil Labonte isn’t afraid to speak his mind , and as the group’s success has increased, so have the haters. ‘A War You Cannot Win’ will have those critics complaining louder than ever, but the album should draw legions of new fans that will embrace ATR’s style. That style combines elements of metalcore, mainstream metal and hard rock, and ‘A War You Cannot Win’ is probably the band’s most melodic effort. That doesn’t mean there aren’t songs that pack a wallop. The proceedings start aggressively with ‘Down Thru The Ages,’ with Labonte using harsh vocals and a few higher-pitched screams. Clean vocals make their appearance as well, along with a searing guitar solo. Speaking of guitars, the dual attack of Oli Herbert and Mike Martin is impressive throughout. From darker riffs on songs like ‘A Call To All Non-Believers’ to shredding eighties styles solos, they are on point. When it comes to radio-friendly accessible songs, ‘A War You Cannot Win’ has a few. If you listen to rock radio, you have heard ‘Stand Up,’ an extremely catchy track. ‘Asking Too Much’ is another future radio hit, very melodic and memorable. The power ballad ‘What If I Was Nothing’ has a Five Finger Death Punch vibe and is an obvious choice for a single. Those that buy the album after only hearing the radio singles might be turned off by the harsh vocals, but the balance of those styles is what makes All That Remains who they are. The music might be formulaic, but they execute that formula so well it’s hard to hold it against them. By the last third of the album, there are a few misses. Jason Costa’s drum work gets some nice exposure on ‘Sing for Liberty,’ yet the track itself doesn’t stand out among the rest. They rebound with ‘Not Fading,’ but some momentum is lost with the nondescript acoustic instrumental ‘Calculating Loneliness.’ The tempo cranks back up along with a breakdown or two for the title track, which closes out the album. ‘A War You Cannot Win’ is packed with catchy singles and a polished production from Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. that will appeal to the mainstream. There’s also an ample supply of aggression and heaviness to satisfy metalheads. The combination should make it a very successful album.

Green Day Unveil Details of Billie Joe Armstrong’s Recent Hospitalization

It’s been a whirlwind few days for the members of Green Day, who have gone from Italy — where they saw frontman Billie Joe Armstrong admitted to the hospital — to Los Angeles, where they’re prepping for their appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards tonight (Sept. 6). While Armstrong is apparently resting his voice for tonight’s festivities, his bandmates Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool found time to speak with

Chris Cornell Performs at Barack Obama Rally in Des Moines, Iowa

Fans hoping to see Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell perform at the Budweiser Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Pa. over the weekend were disappointed to find out he had cancelled the appearance due to a scheduling conflict. Although not able to make Made in America, Cornell did find himself on stage at a campaign rally for President Barack Obama on Saturday (Sept. 1) in Des Moines, Iowa. Cornell, armed only

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