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The Cult Plot Digital Release for Prequel Album ‘Weapon of Choice’

Michael Lavine The Cult returned earlier this year with their latest disc ‘Choice of Weapon’ and now the rockers are offering up an insider’s look into the writing and recording process for the album with a new digital release titled ‘Weapon of Choice.’ ‘Weapon of Choice’ is designed to act as a prequel, offering fans an intimate and unique approach to their latest collection of songs from the beginning stages and throughout their development. Lead singer Ian Astbury weighed in on the new creative effort, explaining, “These songs were turned over and over, forged in long rehearsals and writing sessions and emanated from challenges both personal and professional.” Astbury also compared ‘Weapon of Choice’ to ‘Choice of Weapon,’ saying, “In many ways it’s a different album to the one we released and reveals the foundations of ‘Choice of Weapon.’ We were able to close the doors and begin to explore spaces we had not been in for a while.” ‘Weapon of Choice’ will only be available for a two month period on iTunes beginning on Oct. 16. Fans can visit the new website created for the disc and download the free track ‘Twisted and Bleeding.’ The song can also be heard below. ‘Weapon of Choice’ Track Listing: ‘Aurora’ ‘Blackie’ ‘The Bones’ ‘Decado’ ‘Elemental’ ‘Gibraltar’ ‘Twisted and Bleeding’ ‘Militant’ ‘Supreme’ ‘Lucifer’ Listen to ‘Twisted and Bleeding’ From ‘Weapon of Choice’ [button href=”” title=”Read Our Interview With The Cult’s Billy Duffy” align=”center”]

Dave Mustaine Attempts to Clarify Onstage Rant About President Obama + Recent Shootings

The outspoken Dave Mustaine is taking a lot of heat for his latest onstage comments claiming President Barack Obama staged the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin. The Megadeth frontman now admits his choice of words may not have been the best, yet he’s not backing off from his theory. Mustaine recently called in to the show ‘Info Wars’ to put his words in context and answer some questions. When asked what

Australian Synchronized Swim Team Performs to an AC/DC Medley at the Olympics

The Australian synchronized swim team injected the London 2012 Olympics with some good old fashioned rock when they performed to a medley of AC/DC songs that included ‘Thunderstruck’ and ‘Back in Black.’ While rock music may seem like an unlikely choice for synchronized swimmers, the Aussie team was pretty confident with their choice. “We wanted something classically Australian and with a very strong beat,’ team member Eloise Amberger told

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