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Extreme Metal Olympics: Group 1, Quarter Finals

Welcome to the Quarter Finals of Loudwire’s Extreme Metal Olympics! We’ve had an insane week so far, with some of the heaviest, most influential and innovative bands within the realm of brutality battling for the gold. Beginning with 32 bands representing their homelands, we’re now down to eight. In Group 1 of the Extreme Metal Olympics, six of the original eight bands have now been eliminated, with only two left

Extreme Metal Olympics: Group 4, Quarter Finals

Group 4 of the Extreme Metal Olympics has featured heavier-than-hell bands from countries such as Belgium, Austria, Japan and Canada. The eight bands within Group 4 have been diminished into two Quarter-Finalists, one of who will win their bracket and move on to the Semi Finals. In perhaps the most fascinating upset of the Extreme Metal Olympics so far, Japanese metal enigmas Dir En Grey defeated one of the most

Extreme Metal Olympics: Group 3, Quarter Finals

Group 3 of the Extreme Metal Olympics features an incredibly diverse group of bands from countries such as Sweden, Australia, Poland, France + more. In the Quarter Finals of the Extreme Metal Olympics, we’ve got the sole Finnish entry facing one of the Sweden’s most extreme bands. Children of Bodom continue their trek for Finland in the Extreme Metal Olympics, narrowly beating out French metallers Gojira in the closest match

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