10 Best Mastodon Songs

Mastodon entered our metal lives only recently, relatively speaking, dropping the 'Lifesblood' EP in 2001 and the 'Remission' LP in 2002. But they've assembled of body of work of great depth and breadth in the past 12 years, and that makes choosing the 10 best Mastodon songs no easy task. The Atlanta band's artful mix of thunderous thud and complicated structures made them a favorite among hipsters and headbangers alike. The combo also garnered them industry acclaim, allowing them to graduate from indie metal institution Relapse to Warner Bros. with their cred and metal viability in tact. Not much has changed since the band burst onto the scene, except maybe for some tours with Metallica and continued development in their songwriting, with the nuts and bolts remaining as they were. Thanks to the group's efforts to push metal forward in this new millennium, we celebrate the 10 best Mastodon songs:

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10 Best Mastodon Songs

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