Alice in Chains’ ‘Hollow’ Song Snippet Surfaces Ahead of Release

Roger Kisby, Getty Images There’s just a few more days to wait until Alice in Chains issue their new single ‘ Hollow ‘ in full, but for now, fans can get their first taste of the track by checking out a song snippet that’s been posted on Amazon. The brief clip finds the band mining familiar territory, with trudging guitars and moody vocals leading the way. While it’s hard to glean exactly what the context of the song will be from just a few lines, fans can analyze the following stanza that appears for clues: “ Running in circles, slowing down / rolling against the closing now / Easy to feed off the weakened thing / Harder to say what I really mean .” Though the song snippet tails off after the last line, it’s apparent during the fade that the style shifts into something a little more forceful and dynamic after the final word is uttered. Listen to the song snippet here . Alice in Chains have spent most of the year working on new music, but the roots of the album actually date back to 2011. Heart ‘s Ann Wilson , a close friend of the band, told Ultimate Classic Rock last year, “I went over to visit them in the studio where they were working on some new stuff — they sound amazing! How can Jerry [Cantrell] not sound amazing, but I mean, it really does — they’re a monster.” The band has been making the lead-up to the release of ‘Hollow’ an interactive event, posting lyrical phrases on Instagram over the past week and asking fans to submit photos they’ve taken or created that are inspired by the lyrics. The project will culminate this Tuesday (Dec. 18), the same day the song hits the airwaves, with fans being able to visit the band’s website and see the fan-submitted photos inspired by the tune’s lyrics coming together with the song. As of yet, the band have not revealed a title for their new album nor a release date, but the offering of the late year single is a sign that the official news on the full record will be coming soon. [button href=”” title=”Next: Jerry Cantrell Discusses Completion of Alice in Chains’ Next Album” align=”center”]

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Alice in Chains’ ‘Hollow’ Song Snippet Surfaces Ahead of Release

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