All That Remains Raise Military Morale During Marine Corps Base Visit

Razor & Tie All That Remains are major fans of America’s servicemen and women, and, as they discovered during a trip to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, the love and respect coming back at them from the troops was definitely mutual. According to the Camp Lejeune Globe , the band recently dropped by to share their respect for the community, families, and service members of base. Singer Phil Labonte says, “It’s cool to be able to do something like this and give back to the Marines.” Labonte himself was briefly a part of the Marine Corps as a mortar trainee before medical issues forced him out, but the rocker’s wife has served three deployments. He says, “I don’t rate. There are Marines out there who have done some real things. My wife is a Marine. She has deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. She’s done all the real stuff. I don’t count.” “The military is voluntary,” says Labonte. “It makes the commitment more valuable. We were at war for the past 10 years. People don’t join just for college anymore. [Service members] definitely have my support.” The band recently released the new single ‘ Stand Up ,’ which has already become a favorite amongst service members. Cpl. Eric Mascio stated, “This is what I workout to everyday. On deployments, we listen to it all the time. It’s the same music as our mentality. The military is a big fan base for metal bands.” Melissa Patterson praised Labonte for his dedication to the military, adding, “It’s awesome he’s a former Marine. As the saying goes, ‘Once a Marine, always a Marine.’ He’s keeping it real and bringing it back to the men and women he served with. He hasn’t gotten too big for the Marines.” The group staged a meet-and-greet during lunch hours, with many of those in attendance bringing guitars, posters and uniform caps for the band members to sign. [button href=”” title=”Next: Phil Labonte Discusses the Military” align=”center”] ?

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All That Remains Raise Military Morale During Marine Corps Base Visit

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