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Buckcherry Singer Josh Todd Talks ‘Confessions,’ Seven Deadly Sins, New Film + More

Photo by Stevie D. Buckcherry have a busy year ahead of them with the release of their sixth studio album ‘Confessions,’ which drops Feb. 19. They are also in the midst of a U.S. tour with Kid Rock that runs through early April. Loudwire had the privilege to speak to frontman Josh Todd about the new album and the things in his life that influenced its theme of the seven deadly sins. We also discussed the film project he is working on to compliment the new disc. Check out our interview with Josh Todd below: You’ve said that ‘Confessions’ is based on the seven deadly sins, and I’m wondering if you can expand on that and also tell me what the album title means to you personally? There was a point in my life – when I was a youth, when I lost a family member and I acted out in my grieving process through the deadly sins so that’s kind of what the story’s about on the record. I think the seven sins are timeless and that everybody struggles with them in their daily lives all the time – it’s something that we’ve been throwing around for a long time, [guitarist] Keith [Nelson] and I as far as doing a record. There’s a lot of people who’ve done it but we wanted to do our take on it and I feel like we really did it justice. As a lyric writer, I wrote all the lyrics — it was really challenging for me and fun, as well. When I sit back and listen to this I’m so proud that it’s part of the Buckcherry catalog. The record makes me look at the seven deadly sins in a different way – when I listened to ‘Sloth,’ I didn’t expect it to be so soulful. When thinking about specific sins, did you already have a certain direction in your mind that you would go with them? I’m glad you brought that up about ‘Sloth,’ because nobody’s really talked about it. That was the hardest song for me to get through. When you look up sloth it relates to suicide and my father committed suicide when I was 10. It’s about how I felt when that happened – when he actually called my sister and I on the phone that night before he did it. I can’t remember what he said to me because I was just too young to process it. He was just saying goodbye and I didn’t know what that meant, until the next day. It was heavy and I struggled getting through recording those vocals and Keith worked with me and was really sensitive about what I was going through to get it out, but I think it turned out to be really beautiful. There are songs named after the seven deadly sins, but there’s a total of 16 tracks on the record. How did you choose what other songs would accompany the theme of the album — such as ‘Nothing Left But Tears,’ ‘Water,’ ‘The Truth’ etc. I wrote a short film to go along with the record and we’ve had such a hard time with the funding and we’re still working on that. The original idea was to have the record be the soundtrack to the film and we wanted to incorporate some of the elements like ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ and that’s why those are there. ‘The Truth’ coincides with the love interest in the story and it’s a real beautiful story but I also wanted to write songs that were memorable and mean something to somebody else not just me and what I was focused on at the time. That’s part of the challenge with writing songs – you want to take enough of your personal experiences so that you can get excited about performing it every night and you can go back to that place and get motivated because you have to sing your songs thousands of times. What did you notice about writing a screenplay that differed from writing songs for you? I’m a really big fan of storytelling and writing and I read a lot of books and I’ve done some acting and I’ve read a lot of scripts. Maybe about six or seven years ago I took a swing at writing a screenplay on my own, and I wrote a comedy actually, and Stevie D., our guitar player read it at one point and was like, “Why don’t you ressurect a character that was in the comedy?” and make it about this film. At the time I was just writing a screenplay based on my life so I just combined the two. What’s the progress on the film project? We got a great director, his name is Billy Jayne and he just directed both of our first two videos ‘Gluttony’ and ‘Wrath,’ and we introduce the character in the movie. His name is Gilby Stretcher. He basically is me in the movie as an adolescent 17-year-old kid. It’s going to be good, it’s a beautiful little journey about a kid that comes home from school and finds his dad dead and acts out through his behavior and the seven sins and then finds a love interest. In the end, he forgives his father and his this girl that he’s down with who’s the complete opposite of him. It’s really cool. If you had to choose a well-known actor to play you in a biopic, who would it be and why? Let’s see I’d like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. He did ‘Basketball Diaries’ and I think he’s just a great f—ing actor. I’m a big fan of his and I think he’d do a good job. ‘Confessions’ is the sixth studio album for Buckcherry. How was the recording process of this album for you? This record took a long time and it was aggravating at times – a lot of writing and re-writing, we just put a lot of work into it. I think it’s going to pay off and I think it’s our best record, honestly. As a whole, as a body of work, I think people will take us a little more seriously than they have in the past. We did it again with Keith [Nelson] who produced it with Marti [Frederiksen] and that’s how we’ve been doing the last two records so that was familiar which I like. I like having Keith there because he and I have a long history and I can talk to him in ways that nobody understands. What is one of your favorite tracks off the record and why? Probably the one I’m most lyrically proud of and spent a lot of time on is ‘Pride.’ I think that’s a very cool song for us and really off the beaten path. It was more poetry, that song and I’m a big fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison. I wanted a song that was poetry and the verses are like that so I’m proud of that song. Buckcherry’s ‘Confessions’ drops on Feb. 19. The album is available for pre-order in a few cool bundles through the band’s merch site or digitally via iTunes .  [button href=”” title=”Next: Josh Todd Digs Deep Into New Single ‘Gluttony'” align=”center”] Check Out the Video for Buckcherry’s New Single ‘Gluttony’

Dave Grohl Rocks With Krist Novoselic, Corey Taylor + More at L.A. ‘Sound City’ Show

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Dave Grohl had perhaps the biggest and most impressive celebration for his ‘ Sound City ‘ film to date, with one rocker after another lining up to take the stage as part of his Sound City Players performance at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles Thursday night (Jan. 31). The gig followed a red-carpet premiere of the Grohl-directed documentary. We were lucky enough to attend the incredible concert, during which the one constant throughout the evening was Grohl, who performed on every single song, whether it be on drums, guitar or bass. The ‘Sound City’ mastermind started the evening on bass while his Queens of the Stone Age cohort Alain Johannes led the crowd through a rocking set that included the Queens album track ‘Hangin’ Tree’ as well as the ‘Sound City’ contribution ‘A Trick With No Sleeve.’ Masters of Reality’s Chris Goss was next, but his set was bolstered with some power drumming from Rage Against the Machine ‘s Brad Wilk. The hard rocking performance featured the infectious beat of ‘She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)’ and the moody ‘Sound City’ soundtrack song ‘Time Slowing Down.’ Grohl stuck around on drums for a brief set featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been. The performance included the ‘Sound City’ cut ‘Heaven and Hell’ as well as a sped-up, jammed out ‘Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll.’ While the early performances were enjoyable, the energy level seemed to pick up with the introduction of Fear frontman Lee Ving and his “one-two-three-four” openings for every song. Ving got the amped up crowd rocking to the sing-along ‘I Love Living in the City’ and ‘Beef Bologna.’ There were smiles all around as Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear in particular got to exercise their hardcore roots and Hawkins was getting in some rapid-fire drumming. Arguably the rocking highlight of the night came next with Slipknot  /  Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor leading an inspired Cheap Trick set featuring that band’s own Rick Nielsen on guitar and a guest appearance by Nirvana ‘s Krist Novoselic on bass. Taylor whipped the crowd into a frenzy with ‘Hello There,’ making sure the “ladies and gentlemen” of the audience were “ready to rock.” For the first time during the evening, there was audible singing from the crowd on such favorites as ‘Ain’t That a Shame’ and ‘Surrender.’ During the latter track, one lucky audience member went home with a some vinyl as Nielsen tossed an old record into the crowd to coincide with one of the lyrics. Taylor also received a warm response for the recently debuted ‘ From Can to Can’t ‘ from the ‘Sound City’ soundtrack. The most levity of the evening came with Rick Springfield’s set, with the rocker visibly having a good time playing off drummer Taylor Hawkins , tossing his guitar in the air, and at one point getting a wry smile after missing a mark in ‘Love Is Alright Tonight.’ Dave Grohl joked around with Springfield throughout the set, offering the most stage banter of the evening. At one point he congratulated Springfield after the first three notes of ‘Jessie’s Girl’ rang out to loud cheers. Grohl laughingly joked that Springfield had truly made it by penning a song that everyone knew after hearing one second. Springfield also brought some good time rocking to the night with ‘I’ve Done Everything for You’ and ‘Love Somebody’ during his performance. For guitar lovers, former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman  John Fogerty ‘s performance was a pure treat. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer expressed his joy at taking part and said that all of the people in the film had one thing in common — their love for Grohl. Fogerty’s performance consisted of such well known favorites as ‘Travelin’ Band,’ ‘Born on the Bayou,’ ‘Centerfield,’ ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and the full lineup appeared to be most in sync of any performance during the evening. But perhaps the biggest surprise in the set was the wicked guitar work laid down by Fogerty during the CCR track ‘Keep on Chooglin’,’ with much of the band laying back in awe before both Grohl and Chris Shiflett got in a full-on synchronized jam with Fogerty. Fully enjoying the moment, the rock vet threw his arm around Shiflett’s head and later hugged Grohl. Fogerty’s set ended with a duet with Grohl on the classic ‘Fortunate Son.’ Already clocking in at three-plus hours, the ‘Sound City Players’ concert rounded out with a huge response for Stevie Nicks . She returned the audience affection with a solid yet brief set that opened with ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ and ‘Dreams,’ before taking things down with an intimate version of ‘Landslide’ with only Grohl on guitar and some brief accompaniment from Rami Jaffe on accordion and Jessy Greene on violin. Nicks and the entire Foo Fighters lineup finished out the night with a full-on jam of the Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Gold Dust Woman.’ In addition to all the great performances, the night also featured highlights from the ‘Sound City’ documentary which brought all the musicians together in the first place. The film is currently available for purchase as a download here and can be seen in select theaters across the U.S. [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Grohl Hopes to Bring ‘Sound City Players’ Around the World” align=”center”] Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks at Sound City Players Concert in L.A. Kevin Winter, Getty Images Dave Grohl and John Fogerty at Sound City Players Concert in L.A. Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Daily Reload: Tool, Soundgarden + More

Tool Dissectional – Tool ‘s new album may be delayed a little longer as an undisclosed band member suffered serious injuries in a Vespa crash. [ Loudwire ] – Soundgarden have unleashed their ‘By Crooked Steps’ video, directed by Dave Grohl . [ Loudwire ] – Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor reveals in our exclusive interview that his love for expletives dates back to a Kindergarten incident. [ Loudwire ] – Rob Caggiano says the primary reason for his exit from Anthrax is that his heart “simply wasn’t in it anymore.” [ Loudwire ] – Brian “Head” Welch discusses his reunion with  Korn and if more U.S. dates and actual recording might follow. [ Loudwire ] – Def Leppard say their upcoming Las Vegas residency may signify the start of writing new material. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – With the Super Bowl coming this weekend, Ultimate Classic Rock chooses the Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Performances. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Devo , Bad Religion and Flag lead the 2013 Punk Rock Bowling lineup in Las Vegas. [ ] – What are the 10 Best College Rock Albums? counts ‘em down here: [ ]

Otherwise Unveil ‘I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures)’ Music Video

YouTube There’s something to be said for moving on from heartbreak, and Otherwise capture that spirit in their most recent single, ‘I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures).’ If you didn’t get that from hearing the lyrics initially, the band has now provided a video that spells it out even further. The new clip for ‘I Don’t Apologize’ features a man who has taken a trip to the desert where there’s a lone, solitary leafless tree. As he stands by himself, he begins thumbing through photos taken with his ex, reflecting on some of the good times had and with each photo, he places it with a clothespin on one of the brittle branches. But as we see, the good times didn’t last and the love of his life was cheating on him, so each photo placed upon the tree serves as a way of shedding his past and moving on. If you follow the lyrics of the song, you can guess the fate of the aforementioned tree and the photos that adorn it. Otherwise are currently touring in support of their debut album, ‘True Love Never Dies.’ The band can be seen opening shows for Stone Sour and Papa Roach on their current North American tour leg. Watch Otherwise’s ‘I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures)’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Read our Review of Otherwise’s ‘True Love Never Dies’ Album” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl + Taylor Hawkins to Induct Rush Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Jason Merritt (2) / Ethan Miller, Getty Images We know the talented lineup of musicians going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 induction class, and now we have details on a number of special guests that will honor the inductees at the Rock Hall ceremony. Prog-rock veterans  Rush will be inducted by  Foo Fighters ‘ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins   during the April 18 ceremony. Grohl, in particular, has spoken publicly in the past about his love for Rush and how crucial they were to his teenage years. He told Rolling Stone , “It was, like, woah — drums! You could be, like, the leader, then take over the world.” But as much as he loved Rush, he also says he had to cover his fandom due to their “questionable” cover art. He recalled, “On the back [of the album], they’re all in white silk, one dude is in a kimono, and the other has these gnarly Cameron Diaz disco pants where the seam is perfectly [lined] in the middle of both of his balls. I didn’t tell anybody that I liked this band because of that dude’s f—in’ nuts! I was afraid my friends would beat me up.” In addition to Grohl and Hawkins, there have been several more confirmed guests as John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr. will perform in honor of blues legend Albert King. Mayer will provide the induction speech. Don Henley has been chosen to induct singer-songwriter Randy Newman. Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson will perform in honor of late disco queen Donna Summer, while Heart and Public Enemy’s special guests will be named at a later date. The ceremony takes place at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 18. Tickets will be available for the general public via Ticketmaster beginning Feb. 1. A highlights package from the ceremony will air on HBO on May 18. [button href=”” title=”Next: Anthrax Cover Rush’s ‘Anthem'” align=”center”]

Linkin Park Announce New Zealand Location for Eighth LPU Summit

Photo by James Minchin Linkin Park continue to show their love to their fans by announcing their eighth Linkin Park Underground Summit , scheduled for Feb. 21 in Auckland, New Zealand. The summits have been designed to break down the barriers between fans and the band, with those in attendance having the chance to take part in a number of Linkin Park-related activities. At past events, fans have had a chance to meet and greet the band members, watch the group warm up on stage before the doors open, be treated to backstage tours, have the opportunity to walk across the stage, enter a raffle to take photos from the photo pit, hang out with the band’s crew members and take part in an auction of group memorabilia. Plus, there’s the opportunity to meet and share your love of Linkin Park with many like-minded fans. Passes for the New Zealand LPU Summit will go on sale Jan. 19 at 9AM Auckland time for LPUnderground fan club members at this location . In addition, those who are not members of the fan club may purchase tickets here . The band revealed that they will also announce further details about the New Zealand summit, including a Music for Relief event taking place on Feb. 20, in the coming days. [button href=”” title=”Next: Linkin Park Announce Only 2013 North American Show” align=”center”]

Singer Adam Gontier Explains Departure From Three Days Grace

Mary Ouellette, As Three Days Grace fans continue to absorb the surprising news from earlier today (Jan. 9) that frontman Adam Gontier has left the band, the singer himself has released a heartfelt letter explaining his departure. We reported  that Three Days Grace have announced that Gontier left the band due to health issues and has been replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the band’s upcoming tour with Shinedown. With the unspecified ‘health issues’ being cited as the reason, speculation stirred that it might be connected to Gontier’s previously publicized struggles with drugs and addiction. But Gontier explains that he is perfectly sober and is just ready for a new chapter in his life. See Adam Gontier’s full ‘Address of Resignation’ from Three Days Grace below: To all of my fans, my friends, my family, these are my words coming from my heart, separate from my role as “lead singer of Three Days Grace”. I want you all to know how very thankful I am for your consistent love, your respect, and you’re undying support. It is important for me to address any concerns regarding my health being connected to drugs or addiction. The truth is, when I was struggling during that dark time in my life, I hit rock bottom, and I had the kindest of people reach out from all over the world, and reach their hands out to help pick me up. I am so blessed to be walking in the light now. I am reminded of your loyalty, always. The truth is, and I’m very proud to say this…, I am sober. That chapter in my life is over. There have been many defining moments in my life. My time as part of Three Days Grace is most definitely one of the miraculous ones. I have had so many tender hearted people share with me their stories. How I’ve touched, or changed their lives. My truth is that all of the love I have received has forever changed my life. Each letter I’ve read, every picture I’ve been sent, all of the voices I’ve heard sing along with me, I will forever remember, and never forget… After twenty years of being part of an ever evolving band, I have been inspired by life, to move on and to continue to evolve on my own terms. I could not be more grateful for all the souls who have travelled along with me. A journey I look back on with integrity, and a future I look forward to with such hope. I have always admired brave hearts. Life is always changing. I will continue to follow my heart, and what I love to do. I’m not sure what the next horizon will look like, but I do have all the faith in the world that whatever it is, It’s meant to be, and I have faith that blessings will continue to shine over all of us. I once heard a “brave heart” say: “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” It’s because of my life’s journey, because of all of you, that I believe. Sincerely, with love, Adam Three Days Grace, with Matt Walst on vocals, are set to embark on a co-headlining tour with Shinedown at the beginning of February. [button href=”” title=”Next: Matt Walst Discusses Role as New Singer of Three Days Grace” align=”center”]