Asking Alexandria Guitarist: Next Album Will Feature More ‘Radio Singles’

Facebook: Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria continue to evolve with each record, and guitarist Ben Bruce tells Billboard that the UK metalcore band’s forthcoming release will be more of a balance between “radio friendly” rock and the “balls-to-the-wall” vibe of some of their earlier material. The guitarist explains, “[The new album is] a lot more mature. [We may have] a lot of radio singles — what we’re calling radio singles, songs we’re going to push towards radio and try to accelerate our career and get to the next level and hopefully bring our old fans across with us.” Though the band has a few more radio-friendly cuts, Bruce is quick to qualify, “[The rest of it will be] our usual balls-to-the-wall kind of stuff. We spent a long time honing in on our song structures and writing techniques and things like that, but there are still heavy songs on the record. We’re not just going to throw that away and kick our original fan base in the teeth by getting rid of all that. There will still be a lot of riffing and screaming. But we feel like we did find a happy medium between being heavy and then being light enough to be on radio, but still keeping the balls in the songs.” Bruce says the band is also staying true to their instruments, revealing that on their last record there were some “fake” noises from computer input. This time, however, the guitarist says things are more organic with a real orchestra backing them up and a church gospel choir singing on a few tracks. Earlier this year, singer Danny Worsnop said of the new music , “It’s literally the best album we can write at this point in time. We spent a lot more time on the music. We spent a lot of time working on these songs and making them be as good as they can possibly be … It’s much more positive than anything we’ve done before. There’s some positive uplifting messages.” While the group has yet to title their album, they have unleashed a new track called ‘Run Free’ that’s being used to promote their headlining stint on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour . The trek launches Nov. 16 in Edmonton, Ontario. The new album is expected in the first half of 2013. [button href=”” title=”Next: Asking Alexandria Join California Metalfest” align=”center”]

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Asking Alexandria Guitarist: Next Album Will Feature More ‘Radio Singles’

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