Baroness Unveil Video for ‘March to the Sea’

Relapse Baroness have released a new video for their masterful and immersive track ‘March to the Sea.’ Based on footage from their 2012 tour with Meshuggah and Decapitated , ‘March to the Sea’ showcases the mighty Baroness at the hottest point of their career before their catastrophic bus crash only months later. Having experienced a unique year to say the least, Baroness released their self-professed masterwork, ‘Yellow & Green,’ last year, which was met with universal praise from critics. The band’s bus crash in England thankfully left none dead, but the members of Baroness sustained serious injuries after plummeting 30 feet off a roadside cliff. The harrowing experience was detailed to us in a three-part interview Loudwire conducted with frontman John Baizley. The band members continue to lick their wounds, but the Georgia rockers are preparing for a full-on return soon. “So here is another video for everyone out there!” shares guitarist Pete Adams.  “This was filmed while we were on tour with Meshuggah in the Spring of 2012.  Some of you may recognize the footage from several of those shows and the ‘Take My Bones Away’ video as well. We were excited to be back out as it had been since December of 2010 when we had our last tour before taking time off to write ‘Yellow & Green.’ You can see from the video we were happy to be back on the road.  We’re happy now to have this video to share with you all. Enjoy.” ‘March to the Sea’ gives Baroness fans an incredible desire to see the band onstage once again, but until that happens, enjoy the group’s new video for ‘March to the Sea,’ a track that made Loudwire’s list of the 10 Best Rock Songs of 2012. Baroness, ‘March to the Sea’ [button href=”” title=”Baroness – 10 Best Rock Albums of 2012″ align=”center”]

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Baroness Unveil Video for ‘March to the Sea’

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