Black Dahlia Murder Drummer Shannon Lucas Exits Band to Pursue Other Projects

YouTube Black Dahlia Murder are in the midst of a lineup change, with drummer Shannon Lucas leaving the band to pursue outside projects. The split appears to be amicable though, as Lucas says he will continue to support the band as best he can and was instrumental in naming his replacement. In a video posting, Lucas states, “Some of you may have heard that I was sitting out on the current Dethklok tour. That is correct. I’m also stepping back from BDM to pursue some other things in life. Filling in right now is a kid named Alan Cassidy. He played for Abigail Williams for a little while and he is an outstanding drummer. I was active in helping the band pick him as a fill-in. There’s no permanent member yet. Alan’s just filling in for now. He plays the parts just like they are on the record and he’s an outstanding drummer, so if you go see him, show him some love. He’s a good dude.” Lucas went on to thank the fans for coming to the show, buying tickets and merchandise and supporting their albums. As for the group he’s leaving behind, the drummer adds, “I wanna thank the band for giving me some of the best years of my life and records that I am very, very proud to be a part of. I’ve always loved BDM and I will always continue to be in the background and help them out, watch them grow, further their career and put out more records.” At present, Lucas says he’s booked January studio time to track drums on a project he has with Killswitch Engage ‘s Adam Dutkiewicz and Cannibal Corpse ‘s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. He’s also got a grind project that will follow that’s expected to feature some name players. And on the business side, he and his wife are building up to the launch of a tattoo shop just outside of Richmond, Va. Watch Shannon Lucas’ Black Dahlia Murder Exit Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Black Dahlia Murder’s Ryan Knight Talks Metal” align=”center”]

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Black Dahlia Murder Drummer Shannon Lucas Exits Band to Pursue Other Projects

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