How to Destroy Angels Stream ‘An Omen’ EP Ahead of Release

Columbia Records Trent Reznor fans were recently treated to ‘ Keep It Together ,’ the lead song from the ‘ An Omen ‘ EP from his How to Destroy Angels  outfit. Now the full six-song disc has found its way online for fans to check out. Aside from the moody digitalism of ‘Keep It Together,’ the set includes such new standouts as the plucky and somewhat folky ‘Ice Age,’ Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig’s melodically mesmerizing showcase ‘On the Wing,’ and the vintage groove of ‘The Loop’ among others. ‘An Omen’ is serving at the precursor to a full-length disc that will follow. Though a title and release date for the album has not been announced, it is expected within the next year. The new EP drops in stores onTuesday (Nov. 13). Reznor recently revealed that How to Destroy Angels signed to a major label because of what it could offer them going forward, as he views the group reaching a different audience than just those who know him for Nine Inch Nails and needing a way to get new listeners. He  explained , “The main reason I do what I do is I want to do something that matters. I want to be able to create art that reaches the maximum amount of people on my terms … That was a key component … Because it came down to us — us being the band now — sitting around and identifying what our goals were. And the top priority wasn’t to make money. It was to try to reach the most amount of people, and try to reach the most amount of people effectively, that doesn’t feel like it’s coming completely from my backyard. Because I don’t want this project, ultimately, to just be dismissed as a ‘side project’ or … (loud sigh) … a ‘patronizing affair with Trent and his wife.’ Sounds terrible, you know?” In other Trent Reznor news, the singer just revealed he’s begun working on Nine Inch Nails music and he’s also set to appear on the ‘ Call of Duty: Black Ops II ‘ soundtrack that arrives later this month. Check out the stream of the ‘An Omen’ EP (via  Hype Machine ) below. Listen to How to Destroy Angels ‘An Omen’ EP [button href=”” title=”Next: Mariqueen Maandig – Hottest Rockstar Wives” align=”center”]

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How to Destroy Angels Stream ‘An Omen’ EP Ahead of Release

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