Bring Me the Horizon Stream ‘Sempiternal’ Album, Push Forward Release Date

Epitaph Bring Me the Horizon  fans will get the band’s ‘Sempiternal’ album sooner than expected, as the UK group has pushed forward the release date while offering entire stream of the album a full month before it drops. The full effort can be heard below for a limited time. The band mentioned ‘ overwhelming and phenomenal demand ‘ as the official reason given for the disc’s new release date, but there are also reports that the album leaked to the Internet.

The ‘ Sempiternal ‘ album will now arrive in stores on April 2, as opposed to the initial April 30 street date. In addition to ‘Shadow Moses,’ the album features such songs as the blistering ‘Empire (Let Them Sing),’ the moody and atmospherically intense ‘And the Snakes Start to Sing’ and the kiss-off track ‘Antivist,’ which the band recently “ dedicated ” to former guitarist Jona Weinhofen .

Bring Me the Horizon will venture to the U.S. this summer to take part in the Vans Warped Tour . Listen to Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Sempiternal’ Album Bring Me the Horizon, ‘Sempiternal’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Can You Feel My Heart’
2. ‘The House of Wolves’
3. ‘Empire (Let Them Sing)’
4. ‘Sleepwalking’
5. ‘Go to Hell, For Heaven’
6. ‘Shadow Moses’
7. ‘And the Snakes Start to Sing’
8. ”Seen It All Before’
9. ‘Antivist’
10. ‘Crooked Young’
11. ‘Hospital for Souls’

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