Stone Sour Unveil Trailer for ‘Do Me a Favor’ Animated Video

YouTube It looks as though Corey Taylor ‘s grand plans are all coming together. Shortly after debuting some of the pages and artwork from his ‘House of Gold & Bones’ comics  right here at Loudwire, Taylor and his band  Stone Sour have offered up a trailer for the video of their new single ‘ Do Me a Favor ‘ and it follows in that same animated path.

The 45-second clip opens with a caped figure approaching what appears to be an old time church on a stormy night. There are also quick-hitting shots of darkened zombie-esque creatures, weathered warriors, a solitary man waving the masses in for sanctuary and a man of the cloth with a sinister smile watching as an unseen figure flees from the church.

What does it all mean? We’ll have to wait and find out, but all of the imagery will play into the ‘Do Me a Favor,’ which is teased in the trailer as “Coming Soon” at the website. As for Taylor’s ‘House of Gold & Bones’ comics, the frontman recently revealed several of the pages from the first issue in the series, as well as the new cover for the third issue in the series.

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