Corey Taylor Reveals Stone Sour’s Elaborate Touring Plans + Latest on Slipknot’s Next Album

Adam Bettcher, Getty Images Yes, we’ve not even turned the calendar on 2013 yet, but Stone Sour ‘s Corey Taylor is thinking so far ahead that he says 2014 may be an even bigger year for the band than what’s immediately on the horizon. The vocalist tells Billboard that he has grand plans once both parts of his ‘House of Gold & Bones’ double album are out. The singer says, “Not next year, but 2014, we are plotting and planning a world tour that is very special, where we do two nights in one place. We play Part 1 top to bottom, the next night Part 2 top to bottom involving a pretty elaborate stage thing that we’re cooking up now. And once we do that, we’re gonna film everything and try to put together a very comprehensive DVD set.” In addition to the tour, Taylor says he still has it in his mind that he wants to shoot a two-part feature film based around the album’s concepts. He adds, “I know the people I want to cast in it. I know the people I want to produce and direct it. Hopefully I can get it done. There’s no ceiling to what we can do with it, so I’m pretty excited.” Taylor also revealed that Stone Sour will start promotion of ‘House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 2′ fairly soon, as their next single will be the track ‘Do Me a Favor’ from that album. He states that after ‘Do Me a Favor’ arrives, the band may alternate releasing singles between the two albums. As if that weren’t enough, Stone Sour are on schedule to release their four-part graphic novel that will arrive shortly after the street date for ‘House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 2.’ In addition, the band will spend a good portion of 2013 on the road, as well, and already have North American dates lined up with Papa Roach shortly after the beginning of the year. Taylor also took the time to address his other band, Slipknot , who are set to play four shows next year, including Ozzfest Japan and the Download Festival . As for a new Slipknot album, Taylor says, “We’re throwing demos at each other. Once we all kind of see what the album could be, that’s when we’ll go in. I think the worst thing that we could do as a band, and we’re different from other bands, the worst thing that we could do is go right in and do something that feels forced, because the fans will see right through that, and we’ve never done that. So to me it makes more sense to kind of let the album come to us.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Stone Sour’s ‘Absolute Zero’ Video” align=”center”]

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Corey Taylor Reveals Stone Sour’s Elaborate Touring Plans + Latest on Slipknot’s Next Album

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