Oblivion, ‘Reclamation’ (End of World Version) – Exclusive Video Premiere

All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum announced his sudden departure from the band on Dec. 12. Citing his family life and desire to be an attentive father, Orum felt the amount of touring with All Shall Perish would affect his personal life too greatly. However, Orum’s passion for music remains in tact, as he now handles bass duties for death metal band Oblivion, who are unveiling a music video for the song ‘Reclamation’ exclusively here on Loudwire. Deemed the ‘End of the World Version,’ Oblivion’s new video for ‘Reclamation’ delivers an apocalyptic theme just in time for fans to experience before the world actually ends later today. Oblivion definitely didn’t phone it in when it comes to their ‘Reclamation’ video, as proven by some captivating visuals crumbling city centers and full-on nuclear disasters. “This is our second video from our upcoming debut album, ‘Called to Rise,’” vocalist Nick Vasallo tells us. “This is also the first video to feature our two new members: Ben Orum (ex-All Shall Perish) and Victor Dods (from Hacksaw to the Throat, R.I.P.). The director, Brandon Hunt, made a special ‘End of the World’ version for all our fans just for today. Enjoy.” Although Orum has moved from guitar to bass after leaving All Shall Perish, his technical abilities are still acutely spotlit within ‘Reclamation,’ as are the talents of his fellow Oblivion band mates. Check out the debut of Oblivion’s music video for ‘Reclamation’ in the player below, and pre-order the band’s debut album, ‘Called to Rise’ (packaged with a t-shirt for only $10 total) by clicking here . The disc is set to drop on Jan. 1, 2013. Oblivion, ‘Reclamation’

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Oblivion, ‘Reclamation’ (End of World Version) – Exclusive Video Premiere

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