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Halestorm Reveal Road Life in ‘Freak Like Me’ Video

YouTube It’s been a long road to Halestorm ‘s recent success and thanks to the band’s new video for ‘Freak Like Me,’ you can see some of the road life that got them where they are today. The clip, which just debuted, is a document of what happens on tour both onstage and behind the scenes as they make their way around the world. There’s no shortage of hijinks during the band’s downtime, as seen through quick-flashing shots on the bus and backstage at shows. The song itself is a call to arms, with Lzzy Hale requesting that all the “freaks like me” join in all the unapologetic good times. There’s footage of the band playing in a variety of venues ranging from the most intimate of clubs to the great outdoors of festival stages. In addition, the group put the camera on a few of the crew members and show off their road family. With the video out, Halestorm are looking to add to their road adventures this spring. Look for the Grammy-winning band to join Bullet for My Valentine on tour for the ‘ HardDrive Live ‘ trek. Watch Halestorm’s ‘Freak Like Me’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Arejay Hale Reacts to Grammy Win + Hater Backlash” align=”center”]

Trapt, ‘Living in the Eye of the Storm’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

Trapt: YouTube Trapt are back with a brand new album, ‘Reborn,’ and Loudwire is proud to team up with the band to premiere the video for their new single ‘Living in the Eye of the Storm’ (watch below). Led by frontman Chris Taylor Brown, Trapt have been going strong for more than 15 years, hitting it big with their mammoth single ‘Headstrong’ in 2002. Now, with ‘Reborn,’ Trapt are heating radio up with the first single ‘Bring It,’ and hope to do the same with ‘Living in the Eye of the Storm,’ and powerful track that deals with inner turmoil. “When I wrote the lyrics to this song, I was going through a lot of hardships, personal struggles, and it was affecting the way I was treating other people and myself,” Brown tells us. “I remember looking around at what was going on in the world and thinking that there must be a lot of other people going through some of the same inner battles that I was. There are a lot that we take for granted that we really only notice when things are falling apart. It puts things in perspective, when you are sitting there in the eye of the storm, where it’s calm, but everything around you is coming apart at the seams. It was hard to want to venture out and do what I needed to do. But, in the end, through writing songs like these, it helped me see what was happening in my life and it helped me turn a few things around that needed fixing. I’m hoping this song does that for a few more people.” The video, which is has a military theme, pays tribute to the members of the Armed Forces who fight to defend their country. Brown explains, “For the video, I wanted to really give a shout out to the armed forces. Those people are out protecting freedom at the expense of their lives and their families lives, far away from home, so that we can sleep soundly at night. I respect that so much. I think a lot of people take their freedom for granted and I also think there are a lot of people  that don’t live in a free world, like the one we live in and hate seeing the kind of freedom that we have. I just wanted to show a little appreciation for the sacrifice that our armed forces take part in to keep those enemies at bay.” Check out the video for ‘Living in the Eye of the Storm’ below, and be sure to pick up Trapt’s brand-new album ‘Reborn’ at iTunes in a standard edition or deluxe version (featuring a handful of bonus acoustic tracks). It’s also available in CD form at Best Buy for the special price of $7.99. In addition, catch Trapt on their upcoming U.S. tour, which kicks off in March. See the dates here . Watch Trapt’s ‘Living in the Eye of the Storm’ Video

Thousand Foot Krutch, ‘War of Change’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

‘War of Change’ Video Still Thousand Foot Krutch are set to embark on a tour with Brian “Head” Welch ’s band Love and Death, as well as the Letter Black and the Wedding. Before the trek kicks off, TFK are unleashing their new music video for ‘War of Change,’ off the band’s independently released, No. 1-selling Billboard Hard Rock album ‘The End is Where We Begin,’ and you can watch it exclusively here on Loudwire. Frontman Trevor McNevan says ‘War of Change’ is about the beauty and hardship of change. “This song embodies the heart and soul of this record [‘The End Is Where We Begin’],” he explains. “I think it captures that urgency – that there are wars going on all around us and inside us. There’s something beautiful about ‘the sound of change,’ and I think this song covers those ideals and the essence of battle. Change can be beautiful and painstaking, but rarely is it comfortable.” Thousand Foot Krutch’s upcoming ‘War of Change Tour’ kicks off Feb. 21 in Columbia, Md., and runs through March 17 in Huntington, W.V. For a full list of tour dates, go here . And to pick up TFK’s album ‘The End is Where We Begin,’ head to  iTunes  or Amazon . ‘War of Change’ also appears on TFK’s recent remix EP, ‘Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes, Vol. 1,’ which is available at iTunes , as well. Watch Thousand Foot Krutch’s Music Video for ‘War of Change’ [Exclusive] [button href=”” title=”Click for Thousand Foot Krutch Tour Dates” align=”center”]

Slash Debuts Live Video for ‘Anastasia’ Slash is digging a little deeper into his ‘ Apocalyptic Love ‘ album with a new video for the track, ‘Anastasia.’ The clip is a live performance of the song, presented by I Heart Radio, that shows off the guitarist and his band’s live prowess. Slash, in particular, is featured within this clip as his dexterity on the guitar is on full display. The musician rocks some serious scales while Myles Kennedy delivers the powerhouse vocals on the track. ‘Anastasia’ follows ‘You’re a Lie,’ ‘Standing in the Sun’ and ‘Bad Rain’ as the fourth single from the ‘Apocalyptic Love’ disc. Slash is currently on tour in Europe with dates booked through March 4 in Dublin. The guitarist and his band will also perform at Ozzfest in Tokyo, Japan May 11. Slash’s promotion may take a bit of a back seat as the year rolls on as singer Myles Kennedy has been working toward Alter Bridge ‘s next album . Watch Slash’s ‘Anastasia’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Slash Voted 2012 Loudwire Guitarist of the Year” align=”center”]

How to Destroy Angels Unveil ‘Welcome Oblivion’ Artwork, Track Listing + ‘How Long?’ Video

Columbia / Null Corporation How to Destroy Angels have a wealth of new details concerning their first full-length album today. While we already knew that the album from Trent Reznor ‘s band would be titled ‘ Welcome Oblivion ‘ and would be arriving on March 5, the group has now revealed the artwork (seen at left) and a full track listing for the new disc. Included in the new album are several tracks from the band’s recent EP, ‘ An Omen ,’ including the past singles ‘ Keep It Together ,’ ‘ Ice Age ‘ and ‘The Loop Closes.’ The EP’s ‘On the Wing’ also makes an appearance on the album, as well. How to Destroy Angels intend on releasing the disc in both CD and vinyl formats, with the latter including the bonus cuts ‘The Province of Fear’ and ‘Unintended Consequences.’ In addition, How to Destroy Angels have unveiled ‘How Long?’ as their latest single. The Mariqueen Maandig-led track is more of a moody, contemplative cut from the point of view of someone trying to move beyond a troubled past without unveiling themselves to others. The group also revealed a futuristic video for the track directed by Shynola. In the clip, a young man appears left to fend for himself amidst a treacherous and dark landscape until he happens upon another man just trying to survive as well. The video may be seen below. How to Destroy Angels are expected to tour in support of their upcoming release and will make their live debut at Coachella . Watch How to Destroy Angels’ ‘How Long?’ Video How to Destroy Angels ‘Welcome Oblivion’ Track Listing: CD: 1. ‘The Wake-Up’ 2. ‘Keep It Together’ 3. ‘And the Sky Began to Scream’ 4. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ 5. ‘Ice Age’ 6. ‘On the Wing’ 7. ‘Too Late, All Gone’ 8. ‘How Long?’ 9. ‘Strings and Attractors’ 10. ‘We Fade Away’ 11. ‘Recursive Self-Improvement’ 12. ‘The Loop Closes’ 13. ‘Hallowed Ground’ Vinyl: 1. ‘The Wake-Up’ 2. ‘Keep It Together’ 3. ‘And the Sky Began to Scream’ 4. ‘Ice Age’ 5. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ 6. ‘On the Wing’ 7. ‘Too Late, All Gone’ 8. ‘The Province of Fear’ 9. ‘How Long?’ 10. ‘Strings and Attractors’ 11. ‘Recursive Self-Improvement’ 12. ‘Unintended Consequences’ 13. ‘We Fade Away’ 14. ‘The Loop Closes’ 15. ‘Hallowed Ground’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Trent Reznor Offers Insight Into How to Destroy Angels” align=”center”]

Soundgarden Unveil ‘By Crooked Steps’ Video Directed by Dave Grohl

VEVO Nothing says badass like a “gang,” but director Dave Grohl takes a little bit of a sting out of those troublemaking lads from Soundgarden by having them cruise the streets on Segways in the band’s latest video for ‘ By Crooked Steps .’ Grohl, whose own band the Foo Fighters have had their fair share of offbeat and funny clips, puts his stamp on the clip with his own sense of humor. The musician-director has the Soundgarden bad boys park their Segways, stroll into a club and immediately confront the laptop DJ whose spinning tunes for those in attendance. The frightened DJ scurries away before Soundgarden take the stage and truly rock the audience with their plugged in instruments. But the DJ won’t be defeated as of yet, calling the cops on the Segway-riding toughs. The band eventually eludes the cops and escapes the venue, but they’re not totally off the hook as a slow-speed police chase follows before they finally give up. It pays, however, to watch to the very end of the clip for a special guest cameo from a certain EDM superstar posing as the arresting officer. Soundgarden are currently in the midst of their first North American tour of 2013, promoting the ‘King Animal’ album. They’ve also signed on to play the Rock on the Range festival in May. Watch Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Chris Cornell Perform at President Obama Gala” align=”center”]

Underoath Unveil Video For ‘Sunburnt’

Solid State Records Underoath are currently finishing up the tail end of their farewell tour with plans to retire the band after a 15 year run. Leading up to their final tour, the band released a new song titled ‘Sunburnt,’ and now they are following up with a video for the tune. ‘Sunburnt’ is one of only two new songs the band included on their ‘Anthology 1999-2012’ greatest hits collection, released in November of 2012. The mind-bending video for ‘Sunburnt’ allows for a lot of personal interpretation throughout its provocative imagery. With visions that mix the internal struggles of one individual against a backdrop of stunning architecture, the mood of the official clip is largely fueled by the lyrics of the song, “ I stand before the crowd broken / I was once of this / I will never let them in, no / Won’t let them intensify / And I never took my time while I was there / I never took the time .” The video, that may very well go down as the last clip ever released by the band, was directed by drummer Daniel Davison. Davison, who has his own film and video company, has shot videos for other bands as well including Manchester Orchestra and Oh Sleeper. He also used his skills to create live video projections for his former band Norma Jean. Watch Underoath’s ‘Sunburnt’ Video [button href=”” title=”Underoath Say Farewell to New York Fans With Vigorous Performance” align=”center”]