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Steve Von Till of Neurosis Discusses Latest Album ‘Honor Found in Decay’ + More

Neurot Recordings Neurosis  singer and guitarist Steve Von Till was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. He spoke about the band’s new album ‘Honor Found in Decay,’ as well as creating music independently and on their own time. Read Full Metal Jackie’s interview with Steve Von Till below: It was five years between albums before ‘Honor Found in Decay’ was released late last year. Creatively, how has that time between albums broken down? Is it a lot of time spent consciously thinking about new music or is it more about living a life of adventure that will ultimately manifest itself musically? It’s more about just surrendering to the flow – it’s complete chaos, we have no set method and it’s definitely not time spent in the brain trying to conceive. This music comes from the heart and soul and it’s really just finding the time together over the years that are the hard part because we live quite spread out but most of it’s just waiting for it to demand attention. It must be kind of cool not having people say, “Oh you have to put out this many records in this certain timeline,” so you sort of have creative freedom to let it come when it’s ready. Absolutely, I mean we all work day jobs and have families and we run our own record label, so there’s no external pressure and that’s the way we like it. This music is so important to us as a form of expression that we really feel the need to keep it pure and the only way to really keep it pure is to keep all external influence out. ‘Honor Found in Decay’ is now being released on vinyl. What’s more obvious about Neurosis in that format compared to digital? I think that’s the era we come from, the album time – where you sit and you put on an album and you absorb the whole thing while holding the artwork in your hand and reading the lyrics and just surrendering to it. I still love that format best myself, I think it sounds best and more natural, there’s more soul in it. Would you consider yourself a purist when it comes to the styles of music that you listen to and recording and everything? No, because you always go for what’s convenient too. I’ve got an iPod, probably like everyone else, but I still prefer to sit and play an album if I can. What kind of stuff are you listening to these days? All across the board, lately a lot of Joy Division and Amebix. Visual presentation has always been such an integral part of Neurosis. You very recently announced discontinuing that element of the band; what made such a drastic change necessary at this point in the band’s career? We always feel the need to push our boundaries and evolve and to go to new places we haven’t been and we’ve had visuals as part of our live performances since 1992. It just felt like it was time for a major change in that way. We started to feel that maybe it was a bit of a burden or that time has caught up to the multimedia aspect of what we’re doing and it no longer feels vital at this point – at least not the way we were doing it. It was time to just destroy it and put it away for a while and see what else comes new. Right now we’re enjoying just being completely liberated and playing under bright light and going for it. Who exercises greater influence over what you do musically: other bands and musicians or the non-musical people central to your life? I’d say the entire world probably influences us but it definitely has nothing to do with what other musicians are doing. I think music is the least influence on our music in some way because when you’re trying to find something original even though we’re all music fans and we love music and listen to a lot of music – when it comes time to create Neurosis music we have to let all of that slide and dissipate and not have other people influencing it. Everything we see, everything we hear, everything we feel must influence some aspect of what we’re doing – it’s probably our emotional world and the world around us that influences us the most. How do you feel about Neurosis being an influence to so many bands today? That’s pretty much the biggest honor that we could have. We think about what our musical heroes meant to us and how we play this really unique, strange, self-centered, self-absorbed music and the fact that anybody else likes it is kind of amazing. The fact that it might go out in the world and be a positive influence and inspire other people to pick up guitars or find their own true musical path or artistic expression, that’s just a great feeling. What can we expect from the band this year? We’ll definitely be playing a few more shows around the United States and we’re hitting Europe in the summer and we’ll just see where it takes us. Full Metal Jackie will welcome Kvelertak frontman Erlend Hjelvik to her program this coming weekend. She can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Daily Reload: Megadeth, The Mars Volta + More

Mary Ouellette, – According to Megadeth ‘s Dave Mustaine , the band is almost done with their next album. [ Loudwire ] – The Mars Volta ‘s Cedric Bixler-Zavala revealed in an online posting that he has left the band, which presumably means the group has broken up. [ Loudwire ] – What is the best hard rocking football anthem? You get to choose as round one of the 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl gets under way. Vote here: [ Loudwire ] – After last year’s bus accident, it’s great to see Baroness performing again. Watch our exclusive video of John Baizley and Pete Adams playing ‘Foolsong’ live here: [ Loudwire ] – Dave Grohl wants to bring the Sound City Players to stages around the world. [ Loudwire ] – Van Halen ‘s former director of security dishes about the band’s “insane round the world ride” in a new interview. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Fleetwood Mac ‘s reunion is now complete with the announcement of their 2013 tour dates. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Ween ‘s Dean Ween and Primus ‘ Les Claypool are collaborating on a fishing reality series. [ ] – It’s no joke! The Flaming Lips are releasing ‘The Terror’ album on April Fool’s Day. [ ]

As I Lay Dying Singer Tim Lambesis Talks Touring, Humanitarianism, Side Project + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Lambesis spoke about the band’s upcoming co-headlining tour with The Devil Wears Prada, as well as plans for the release of his own side project and much more. Read Full Metal Jackie’s interview with Tim Lambesis below: ‘Awakened’ came out back in September and it’s pretty much a two year period between As I Lay Dying albums but you’ve already come up with an idea or two for what comes next. When does it hit you that you’re consciously starting to think about the next album? Usually we tour the main touring places and when we start to overlap and play the same city twice on one album then we realize “Okay we should problem do a new album before we go back out on tour.” So believe it or not it’s the touring cycle that determines when we need a new album. Tim, you’re pretty well known for your humanitarianism. Does it provide you with a source of lyrical inspiration? Yes, it’s definitely a part of my life for me, my kids are adopted and I’ve visited their country – they’re from Ethiopia and that was eye opening to what the world is really like, at least a third of the world. I think that just influences my entire world view even if I’m not necessarily writing a song about humanitarian work, I’m writing a song about what truly makes us happy in life and those types of think that have been influenced by my experiences. You’re going to be co-headlining with The Devil Wears Prada through the beginning of April and touring is a unique means of seeing the world. Where is the place you always make a point of visiting if you’re in the area on tour? For me, I always try to find good food. One of the hardest tours to do is actually arena tours because it’s in the middle of nowhere since many arenas are outside the cities. For a band like us we usually play in clubs or theaters right in the middle of downtown for the most part. We typically just walk around – and I eat like six meals a day so I got to find a few good meals. You definitely must have some sort of workout regime as well, I got to imagine. You’re pretty buff. Yeah that’s why I eat six meals a day, I got to keep my body fueled. It’s pretty tough – I’m a naturally very thin person so I have the opposite problem of most people, I try to put on weight. I think it was like a progression, when we first met you were really skinny and as the years have gone on you’ve definitely had this huge build. Is it something like one day you were just like, “I want to start working out more.” How did that come about? Yeah it’s funny because I saw a lot of my peers past their prime, so to speak, where they were starting to get older and starting to show and they weren’t quite putting on the same stage show. One day I was like “Well all of our peers seem to be trailing off and I want to be the band that keeps getting better with age” of course as the frontman that means I need to be in the best shape of my life. It kind of went a little overboard but I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Tim, last month you performed with Suicide Silence at a show that was a tribute to Mitch [Lucker], their singer who died unexpectedly in November. Like Mitch, you’re a singer and a father, what went through your head when you played that show? It was definitely an emotional show, everybody was pretty choked up. We showed a video clip of Mitch growing up and his family was there. It was really tough, I think for me seeing his parents was probably the most emotional event of the night. Beyond the tour with The Devil Wears Prada, what can we expect from the band this year? Well after that tour, we’re going to hit a few places internationally that we skipped over. This isn’t necessarily from the band but I have a little side project in the works that I want to release sometime next there is a slight break in the As I Lay Dying schedule – something more on the death metal, extreme end of the spectrum. We recorded a few songs and hopefully that will be out by the summer time. Full Metal Jackie will welcome Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta to her program this coming weekend. She can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Oblivion, ‘Reclamation’ (End of World Version) – Exclusive Video Premiere

All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum announced his sudden departure from the band on Dec. 12. Citing his family life and desire to be an attentive father, Orum felt the amount of touring with All Shall Perish would affect his personal life too greatly. However, Orum’s passion for music remains in tact, as he now handles bass duties for death metal band Oblivion, who are unveiling a music video for the song ‘Reclamation’ exclusively here on Loudwire. Deemed the ‘End of the World Version,’ Oblivion’s new video for ‘Reclamation’ delivers an apocalyptic theme just in time for fans to experience before the world actually ends later today. Oblivion definitely didn’t phone it in when it comes to their ‘Reclamation’ video, as proven by some captivating visuals crumbling city centers and full-on nuclear disasters. “This is our second video from our upcoming debut album, ‘Called to Rise,’” vocalist Nick Vasallo tells us. “This is also the first video to feature our two new members: Ben Orum (ex-All Shall Perish) and Victor Dods (from Hacksaw to the Throat, R.I.P.). The director, Brandon Hunt, made a special ‘End of the World’ version for all our fans just for today. Enjoy.” Although Orum has moved from guitar to bass after leaving All Shall Perish, his technical abilities are still acutely spotlit within ‘Reclamation,’ as are the talents of his fellow Oblivion band mates. Check out the debut of Oblivion’s music video for ‘Reclamation’ in the player below, and pre-order the band’s debut album, ‘Called to Rise’ (packaged with a t-shirt for only $10 total) by clicking here . The disc is set to drop on Jan. 1, 2013. Oblivion, ‘Reclamation’

Killswitch Engage + Shadows Fall Deliver Stellar Show in Brooklyn, New York

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Killswitch Engage  have had an incredible year to say the least, on top of reuniting with original vocalist Jesse Leach , touring nonstop and recording a new record, the band celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their album ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ with a headlining tour. We had the recent pleasure of catching Killswitch Engage along with  Shadows Fall  and Acaro in Brooklyn, N.Y., at a sold-out show. Acaro kicked off the night with an incredible set, frontman Chris Harrell had complete command of the stage and when he wasn’t getting the mosh pit he wanted, the vocalist jumped into the crowd and started one himself. Guitarist Felipe Roa shredded it up in front of his family, who flew in all the way from Chile just to attend the show. Shadows Fall took the stage next and put on an explosive set – there’s nothing like seeing, and for many fans in front, feeling singer Brian Fair’s lengthy dreads whipping back and forth. Fans moshed around to tracks such as ‘The Light That Blinds,’ ‘Destroyer of Senses’ and ‘Still I Rise.’ The band also performed new tracks ‘Weight of the World’ and ‘Divide and Conquer’ off of their new record ‘Fire From the Sky.’ Killswitch Engage got a warm welcome from their New York fans. They not only performed ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ in full but they kicked off their stellar set with ‘A Bid Farewell’ and ‘Rose for Sharyn.’ Jesse Leach’s vocal abilities are out of this world and his lyric delivery is intense and extremely powerful. The entire band gave their full attention to fans as they worked the stage left and right. Of course, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz showed off his toned legs by donning his infamous short shorts. He also teased fans and made hilarious faces, not to mention he entertained fans by doing some jumping jacks and push-ups while his guitar was being tuned. Killswitch ended their set with an invigorating performance of ‘My Curse’ and ‘End of Heartache’ which had fans crowd surfing and belting out lyrics word for word. This show was one of the best the Music Hall of Williamsburg has ever been graced with, as these bands rocked Brooklyn so hard, their sound resonated throughout all five boroughs. Photos of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall + Acaro Performing in Brooklyn: Killswitch Engage: Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Shadows Fall: Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Acaro: Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

Funniest Black Metal Versions of Famous Memes

Meme [ meem] noun : A pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via Internet forums, providing comedic delight to large groups of like-minded cyber surfers. Black metal music and Internet memes have come together to create an unexpected marriage of hilarity. In perhaps the first documented black metal meme, photoshops and comedic artworks of Norwegian band Immortal began to compile on a metal music message board in 2003, using the band’s trademark image and official photos for side-splitting creations. Ever since, black metal memes have swarmed the internet like a winter’s frost, entertaining both fans and naysayers for nearly a decade. We scoured the Internet for memes and even created a couple of them ourselves for our Funniest Black Metal Versions of Famous Memes feature. Rebecca Black: ‘Ermahgerd’: Chubby Bubbles Girl: The Most Interesting Man in the World: ? Haters Gonna Hate: ‘Y U NO’ Guy: Bad Luck Brian: Matrix Morpheus: Good Guy Greg: Condescending Wonka: Musically Oblivious 8th Grader: Uber Frosh / College Freshman: Idiot Nerd Girl: LOLcats: ‘Meanwhile in …’: [button href=”” title=”Listen to the 10 Catchiest Metal Songs” align=”center”]

HIM Unleash New Track ‘Strange World’

The End Records It has been a long wait for HIM  fans, but the band has released the new track ‘Strange World’ off of their compilation album ‘XX – Two Decades of Love Metal.’ ‘Strange World’ is the Finnish love metallers’ first dose of new material since 2010, and the track is laced with signature HIM melodies and tones. The song itself was originally released by Kevin Grivois, known by the artist name Ké, in the 90s. It’s said to be one of the personal favorites of HIM frontman Ville Valo. HIM are have released their share of cover tracks, such as their notable renditions of Chris Isaac’s ‘Wicked Game,’ Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ and the Ramones’ ‘Poison Heart.’ ‘Strange World’ starts off with Linde Lindstrom’s clattering and screaming guitar riffs that lead into Valo’s deep vocals, as he delivers the first verse backed by rattling bass lines provided by Mige Paananen. Valo offers softer vocals for the chorus as he sings,  “Strange world / People talk and tell only lies / Strange world / People kill an eye for an eye / Strange world / Dream one day we’ll see the light / Strange world / Believe and everything will be alright.” Drummer Mika ‘Gas Lipstick’ Karppinen provides a steady stream of snare and sizzling cymbals behind the skins that add to the strength of the track. The song ends on a strong note as Valo sings,  “Burn these thoughtless tears out of my eyes / Still I wonder, wonder why.” Even though the lyrical content doesn’t necessarily cover love or death, as HIM songs typically do, the band’s rendition of ‘Strange World’ retains the balance of pain and beauty that HIM have delivered over their storied career. Listen to H.I.M, ‘Strange World’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Ville Valo Talks About New Album ‘Tears on Tape'” align=”center”]