Dave Grohl on Directing Soundgarden Video for ‘By Crooked Steps’

Soundgarden: Official Instagram Foo Fighters have had their fair share of humorous, lighthearted videos over the years, but Dave Grohl took advantage of a break in his schedule to try to bring some of that same levity to one of his favorite bands — Soundgarden . Grohl recently directed ¬†Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ video and he told Fuse that the clip was something that came to mind in his head the first time he heard the song. “I’ll just make a video in my head while I’m listening to the song, and I didn’t know if it was gonna be a single or if they wanted to make a video or what, so I just wrote an email,” recalls Grohl. “I called my manager and I said, ‘I think I have an idea for a Soundgarden video.’” The Foo frontman says the next step was pitching it to the band. He adds in Fuse’s video interview (seen below), “I wrote out the idea and I sent it to the drummer [Matt Cameron] and he said, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of cool. I don’t really know if we’re gonna make a video.’ And so we kind of made them make the video.” Speaking about getting the band up on Segways to portray a “gang,” Grohl says, “For Soundgarden to do something like that, they’re not known for their ‘wicked’ sense of humor. Although, they are really f—ing funny people. You would never know this, but super dry and hilarious. But the idea of them on the Segways was like, ‘You know, it could work.’” The video for ‘By Crooked Steps’ can be seen here . Watch Dave Grohl Discuss Directing Soundgarden’s ‘By Crooked Steps’ Video [button href=”http://loudwire.com/soundgarden-talk-future-albums-perform-at-inaugural-balls/” title=”Next: Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Discusses Recording Future” align=”center”]

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Dave Grohl on Directing Soundgarden Video for ‘By Crooked Steps’

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