Dave Mustaine Lands on Anderson Cooper’s ‘RidicuList’ for Spat With Men’s Wearhouse

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images / Men’s Wearhouse In part three of the Dave Mustaine vs. Men’s Wearhouse saga, the Megadeth guitarist scored a mention on a big-time news program. On Jan. 8, the tale of Mustaine’s public statement about how Men’s Wearhouse messed up a delivery made it all the way to CNN program ‘Anderson Cooper 360′ and the show’s ‘RidicuList’ segment. It was on a cold winter’s day that Dave Mustaine, filled with Christmas spirit, purchased a thoughtful present for Megadeth tour manager Jim Carroccio in the form of a gift certificate to Men’s Wearhouse. Unfortunately, the gift certificate wasn’t delivered on time, resulting in an amusing yet serious rant from the mind of Dave Mustaine posted on Megadeth’s Facebook page. Men’s Wearhouse apologized to Mustaine for the mishap, and CNN ┬ájumped in to cover the entire story. CNN host Anderson Cooper gave props to Mustaine for his hard work, legacy as one of thrash metal’s most important artists and even showcased a clip of Mustaine explaining the music theory behind the diminished fifth chord, also known as the “Devil’s Tritone.” Although Mustaine was given said respect, Anderson Cooper offered the witty line, “We are all old. You know that you’re old when one of the founding members of Metallica is upset about a customer service issue with a Men’s Wearhouse in Salt Lake City.” According to Cooper, Men’s Wearhouse did not respond to CNN inquiries about the debacle, leaving the host to playfully state, “Maybe they only like to tweet pioneers of thrash speed metal.” Funnily enough, Mustaine recently blasted CNN for claiming he still had a feud going with Metallica. This is actually the second time Dave Mustaine has been featured on ‘The RidicuList,’ so after you check out the CNN piece on the Mustaine vs. Men’s battle in the video below, click here for Mustaine’s first time on the list. Dave Mustaine Makes it Onto Anderson Cooper’s ‘RidicuList’ [button href=”http://loudwire.com/megadeth-dave-mustaine-rants-on-chemtrails-blasts-cnn/” title=”Dave Mustaine Rants on Chemtrails + Blasts CNN” align=”center”]

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Dave Mustaine Lands on Anderson Cooper’s ‘RidicuList’ for Spat With Men’s Wearhouse

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