Filter Psyched for ShipRocked 2012 Cruise

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Filter are one of the acts performing and taking part in various activities on the  ShipRocked 2012  cruise, along with bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Korn and many others. The ship sets sail Nov. 27 from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and makes stops in Key West, Fla., and Nassau, Bahamas, before returning on Dec. 1. For information on reservations, the itinerary, the performances and much more, check out . When we spoke to Filter frontman Richard Patrick and guitarist Jonathan Radtke, they talked to us about last year’s rocking cruise, during which they shared the boat with some elderly vacationers, and also expressed their excitement for this year’s ShipRocked trip. Describe the Shiprocked experience last year? Richard Patrick: It’s like you’re on a ship and every time you go out – boom you’re hanging with the fans, as soon as you step out of your cabin you have to know that people on the boat are fans so there’s not a lot of privacy but it’s a lot of fun. Everybody is super respectful. To us it’s like this fun paid vacation where we get to rock ‘n’ roll so it’s not even a big deal, everything is completely taken care of and you’re hanging out with people that just adore you, how hard is that. Jonathan Radtke: And you get to hang out with bands that you’re friends with, we’re really close with the Buckcherry guys. What are you looking forward to most for this year with Shiprocked? JR: Well I think they’re going to a new location this year, the Bahamas. RP: And it’s the entire ship. I feel so bad for the people last year. JR: Half of the ship last year were paying customers who weren’t affiliated with ShipRocked, that were just going to Cozumel where we were going. So when they saw the boat was literally being overtaken by rock people – I remember this old couple, literally as the boat was still in port and the boat was about to take off and I don’t know if they were aware of it and you literally see thousands of people with tattoos and drinking. The first band was Hellyeah or something like that or Hinder and this poor old couple had their hands on their ears like “What is going on?!” RP: “Oh my God is this what we’re in for?!” JR: So apparently this year the entire boat is reserved for ShipRocked, which is even better. RP: They’re going to build scaffolding like a real stage and this whole thing because you’re playing in all these little arenas and these little places and we’re playing and the f—ing speakers are swaying. I remember playing and feeling like I was going to sprain my ankles, it’s a good time. The bands are amazing Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust – I got a picture of me and Lajon [Witherspoon] just hanging on the beach from last year. No motion sickness for you guys last year? RP: I was telling you earlier about my problems with roller coasters but I was fine on the boat last year. You know what is really interesting though, if you’re too wasted and you’re belligerent they will leave you there. JR: Yeah because you do get off the boat at certain stops and do activities and stuff and there were a couple of people we heard stories about – that a couple guys had a little too much and weren’t allowed back on the boat, they pissed off the ferderales and got in trouble. RP: Dude you’re stuck in Mexico – and a lot of these people it’s just something they did and you don’t know if they had the money to get back and they’re so wasted. All of the shows are held on the boat itself, do you rock out on the sandy beaches at all? JR : Yeah all of the shows are on the boat, each band does like two shows. RP: There’s music going on all over the place, there’s different levels of bands, there’s some weird clubs they have on this things. They have all of these little different departments of strange, there’s night clubs and casinos. There’s not a dull moment – it’s a lot of hanging out, sunbathing, swimming during the day and then as soon as you eat dinner, you start playing. It starts at 4pm and just goes all night long, people are playing ‘til like two in the morning. JR: Us and Buckcherry, we did our theater show and went on at like 1 am – I remember taking a nap and waking up at 11:30 pm. RP: Dude I remember waking up and the people next door were like, “Who is that Steven Tyler?” [Laughs] I’m in there warming up and they’re like “I think it’s Steven Tyler.” Those poor old people. They had this one guy teaching them how to dance and he was Italian. I felt so bad because he looked over and there was this dark cloud of heavy metal and rock fans. [button href=”” title=”Check Out Photos of Filter Rocking Out in NYC” align=”center”]

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Filter Psyched for ShipRocked 2012 Cruise

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