Hatebreed Frontman Jamey Jasta Offers Thoughts on Connecticut School Shooting

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire We’re all used to seeing singer Jamey Jasta tear it up onstage with Hatebreed but the rocker we see in concert is also a prideful Connecticut native and a father of a young daughter. We spoke with Jasta earlier today (Dec. 17) about Hatebreed’s upcoming album, but we also took the opportunity to discuss the tragic elementary school shooting that took place on Friday in Newtown, Conn. Jasta not only offered his feelings about the horrific incident, but also relayed his own personal story of how his day unfolded, since it all happened so close to home for him. “I haven’t even really wrapped my mind around it yet,” Jasta told Loudwire. “I got my nephew off the bus on Friday and I was running around earlier in the day and me and my nephew we usually go get a snack right after school and then we go get my daughter at her school – both schools are about 20-25 minutes from Newtown.” Jasta continued, “When I went into the place where we usually get his snack, there’s a big TV above the register and the guy who we know behind the counter just had his hands over his mouth and he was just staring at the television in shock. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he was like, ‘I don’t know it looks like there was a shooting but they said that a teacher got shot and that the gunman is dead.’” “When we walked out I was like, ‘Wow, that’s disturbing’ and we walked out of there, I got gas, my nephew had asked me what happened and what was on the TV and he’s only five and I said that something bad had happened but we don’t know and we’ll have to see.” Jasta went on to say, “We went to my office and I started getting a couple of frantic calls like, ‘Hey are you near there? Where does your daughter go to school? Hey where do your nieces and nephews go to school? Is Everything okay?’ Then I got a call from someone who was crying and I knew something really bad had happened but I didn’t know the whole story yet.” “I got in my car and turned on the news and headed over to get my daughter and they had locked down the doors at every school in the area. Parents were already lined up early to get their kids out of school and I could see parents in their cars looking very distressed and upset. When the kids got out of school, there were definitely people rushing to hug their kids.” He then proceeded to describe his weekend as follows: “On Saturday, I had to get on a flight – I spent most of Saturday traveling and most of Sunday traveling. I was probably traveling eight to 10 hours each day so that was a little bit of a distraction so this morning when I got up and dropped my daughter off at school and finally got back and turned on the news I saw that funerals had begun and that’s when it really started to set in – the overall tragic, senseless feeling of it all.” Jasta concluded, “ I think today is going to be my day to really wrap my mind around it. I don’t think anybody, whether you’re a child or not – I don’t think anybody deserves to have senseless violence taken out upon them. It’s going to be bigger than just me and my thoughts, hopefully it will start a national conversation to make the kids safer in school.” Stay tuned for our full Jamey Jasta interview, in which he talks about Hatebreed’s upcoming album + more. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/connecticut-school-shooting-rock-musicians-condolences/” title=”Next: Rockers Offer Condolences” align=”center”]

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Hatebreed Frontman Jamey Jasta Offers Thoughts on Connecticut School Shooting

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