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AS I LAY DYING’s Tim Lambesis New Bail Review Set For Tomorrow

It seems as though Tim Lambesis might be getting out of jail for the time being. The San Diego District Attorney’s Office has granted Tim Lambesis a new bail hearing tomorrow, May 17th. Lambesis had plead not guilty to one count of solicitation of murder after attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife. The San Diego Reader reports … The post AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis New Bail Review Set For Tomorrow appeared first on Metal Injection .

Sepultura Release Signature Brand of Beer

Sepultura Beer Thrash legends Sepultura  have unveiled their own line of beer. Labeled with the band’s signature spiked ‘S’ logo, the brew is striving to hit your sense of taste with a creation as full-bodied as Sepultura’s music. The Sepultura Weizen beer is a wheat-based brew, which can come in an incredibly awesome package resembling a Marshall amp. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten our hands on the beer yet, but it has been said that Sepultura’s drink possesses “turbidity caused by natural yeast in suspension” and the “aroma and flavors of banana and clove from a special strain of yeast that produces the chemicals that lead to these perceptions.” Alcoholic beverages released by bands seems like they might one day surpass the concert t-shirt in must-have items. Signature beers  and wines have recently been released by bands such as AC/DC , Clutch and Motorhead . There’s no word if Sepultura’s beer will see a major release or will make it to the U.S., but we’ll be saving space in the office fridge for just the occasion. A video documenting the beer is posted below (in Portugese): Watch a Video Piece on Sepultura’s New Beer [in Portugese] [button href=”” title=”Sepultura – Banned Music Videos” align=”center”]

Hatebreed Frontman Jamey Jasta Offers Thoughts on Connecticut School Shooting

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire We’re all used to seeing singer Jamey Jasta tear it up onstage with Hatebreed but the rocker we see in concert is also a prideful Connecticut native and a father of a young daughter. We spoke with Jasta earlier today (Dec. 17) about Hatebreed’s upcoming album, but we also took the opportunity to discuss the tragic elementary school shooting that took place on Friday in Newtown, Conn. Jasta not only offered his feelings about the horrific incident, but also relayed his own personal story of how his day unfolded, since it all happened so close to home for him. “I haven’t even really wrapped my mind around it yet,” Jasta told Loudwire. “I got my nephew off the bus on Friday and I was running around earlier in the day and me and my nephew we usually go get a snack right after school and then we go get my daughter at her school – both schools are about 20-25 minutes from Newtown.” Jasta continued, “When I went into the place where we usually get his snack, there’s a big TV above the register and the guy who we know behind the counter just had his hands over his mouth and he was just staring at the television in shock. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he was like, ‘I don’t know it looks like there was a shooting but they said that a teacher got shot and that the gunman is dead.’” “When we walked out I was like, ‘Wow, that’s disturbing’ and we walked out of there, I got gas, my nephew had asked me what happened and what was on the TV and he’s only five and I said that something bad had happened but we don’t know and we’ll have to see.” Jasta went on to say, “We went to my office and I started getting a couple of frantic calls like, ‘Hey are you near there? Where does your daughter go to school? Hey where do your nieces and nephews go to school? Is Everything okay?’ Then I got a call from someone who was crying and I knew something really bad had happened but I didn’t know the whole story yet.” “I got in my car and turned on the news and headed over to get my daughter and they had locked down the doors at every school in the area. Parents were already lined up early to get their kids out of school and I could see parents in their cars looking very distressed and upset. When the kids got out of school, there were definitely people rushing to hug their kids.” He then proceeded to describe his weekend as follows: “On Saturday, I had to get on a flight – I spent most of Saturday traveling and most of Sunday traveling. I was probably traveling eight to 10 hours each day so that was a little bit of a distraction so this morning when I got up and dropped my daughter off at school and finally got back and turned on the news I saw that funerals had begun and that’s when it really started to set in – the overall tragic, senseless feeling of it all.” Jasta concluded, “ I think today is going to be my day to really wrap my mind around it. I don’t think anybody, whether you’re a child or not – I don’t think anybody deserves to have senseless violence taken out upon them. It’s going to be bigger than just me and my thoughts, hopefully it will start a national conversation to make the kids safer in school.” Stay tuned for our full Jamey Jasta interview, in which he talks about Hatebreed’s upcoming album + more. [button href=”” title=”Next: Rockers Offer Condolences” align=”center”]

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe to Learn if He’ll Stand Trial for Criminal Charges by November’s End

Bradley Kanaris, Getty Images Lamb of God ‘s Randy Blythe  will learn in the coming weeks whether or not he’ll have to stand trial on criminal charges in the Czech Republic, as the case file has been sent to the prosecutor for review. Czech news site reports that police have completed their investigation into the alleged manslaughter case and recommended that the vocalist be indicted and ordered to return to the Czech Republic to stand trial. The prosecutor in charge of the case will now review the facts and determine whether there is enough criminal liability to pursue the case further. A spokesperson for the Municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, Stephanka Zenklova, stated that a decision on the matter will be made before the end of November. The singer was arrested this summer for his alleged involvement in the death of an audience member who sustained an injury after being thrown off the stage at their show. The injury didn’t immediately present itself, and the victim passed away a month later. Blythe spent 37 days in a Czech prison before finally being set free on bail. Shortly after arriving back in the U.S., the vocalist stated that he planned to return to face the charge and that the victim’s family had the right to some answers. He added, “I want my name cleared. I have to go around the world and tour, you know. That’s what I do. I’m not going to hide here. I’m an innocent man. I’m going to go to court and see what happens.” [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Lamb of God Songs” align=”center”]

Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello Talks Reissue of ‘Worship Music,’ Covering Journey + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Anthrax bassist Frank Bello was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. He spoke all about the band’s journey and their success with their latest record ‘Worship Music,’ as well as the forthcoming re-release of the album. He also dished about being in the film ‘Greetings From Tim Buckley’ and much more. Read the full interview with Frank Bello below: The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for Anthrax – Joey Belladonna rejoined the band, you had the Big 4 shows, ‘Worship Music’ being released, a year long tour with Testament and Death Angel, how important has all of that been in setting up the future of Anthrax? You just said it – it’s all one. The Big 4 actually gave Anthrax a kick in the ass to really get going, we were working on songs – Scott [Ian], Charlie [Benante] and I and that made us really get back to being a serious band again. We were working and saying “We need to get a record out” and that made us finish the record. I tip my hat to Metallica for doing that for us. They didn’t have to put the Big 4 together and they did and it worked out really nicely and there’s a whole new fan base with that, which it great. Right now, you’re recording a few cover tunes for an expanded re-release of ‘Worship Music’ — like Journey, Boston, Rush – how have those bands influenced a faster, heavier band like Anthrax? Anthrax, we’ve done this stuff forever – those are our influences honestly, whether you want to take Journey and the melodic influences, great band, great musicians. I think it’s like a sponge thing like Boston, great harmonies, great vocals, great guitar. All of these things, these are the things we’ve grown up with and we would probably jam out sound check – we never really play Anthrax songs, music’s supposed to be fun and we play Anthrax for the set but it’s just so much fun to get it together. What we’ve always been known to do is to put these on a b-side and people just really dig it. I dig it – I did the Journey song yesterday, this is what we do and just the fun part about it is to hear the result. Joey [Belladonna] at times can sound like Steve Perry and I haven’t even heard his vocals on it and to hear him sing Boston – it’s going to be fun, I can’t wait to hear the finished product. This is special for the fans – you get the re-release yes but there’s always a little something different on top of it so I think it’s a special thing later on. What did it feel like for you guys to comeback with a new record in this time in terms of music and have it receive such high praise? You know what it is, after eight years first off – it was hard enough to get the record out just because getting management, lawyers out of the way all that garbage that gets in the way of music and personalities. We knew what we wanted Anthrax to be again the real deal so again I’ll go back to Big 4, it really gave us a kick in the ass to get back and really clear everything to go forward – ‘Worship Music’ we knew we had something special, we got Joey in on it and that was the cherry on top of it all. We’re fans of this music so we knew we had something good, thankfully the people, the fan base has taken on this record – this is our biggest selling record in a long time. It’s just done really well, thank God and thank the fans out there, great support- that’s why we’re still on tour. In three weeks we leave for a Motorhead tour – pretty much all sold out in Europe, which is crazy. Think about it, 30 years in, Jackie, who would have thought we’re still around – Anthrax, Motorhead in Europe selling out places, we’re very lucky, we’re humbled. It’s a really nice thing that’s going on and we couldn’t be happier, we’re stoked. I have to tell you a funny old school Anthrax story, I grew up in Jersey and in my backyard was the offices for Megaforce Records and when I was a kid – you know you don’t know what a record label does, you just assume that the bands are hanging out there and working there. I must have been 12 or 13 years old and a buddy of mine and I were like “Hey let’s go over and maybe Anthrax is hanging out” and we went into the Megaforce offices like “Hey what’s up is Anthrax here?” There were times where Scott and I and Charlie did go there. It’s funny because it was way out there too, in Jersey and they would be like “Just come by to the office” and I’m not driving from the Bronx to Jersey. There were times where we would get boxes of our stuff to give out to our families, plus all of the Metallica stuff we’d get that was for free if we went there. In ‘Greetings From Tim Buckley’ you play Richard Hell and you’ve done TV and other films too like ‘One Long Day.’ How does the rush of acting compare to the rush of playing music? It’s weird that you say that and thank you for mentioning it – it’s the same thing for me. It’s really like writing a song and I don’t want to talk acting nonsense but putting little pieces together like a chorus or verse and stuff like that, I like just being somebody else. I think it’s really cool to be somebody else so when you sink yourself into it, it’s just like a song, it’s this little life, you give a song life – it’s the same vibe in my gut that makes me feel good. I have a fire for this music, I’ve always had a fire for acting – who gives a f— about fame, it means nothing, we all know fame is bulls—. The whole thing of being a working actor really turns me on because it’s being somebody else for a little while. Being able to create gets something out of me that I need to get out – I don’t know what it is but it’s a lot of fun and I hope to do more, it was a blast. Compare to ten years ago, twenty years ago, what has been the best thing about being in Anthrax in 2012? Well right now it’s nice to be back and being accepted by not only our audience but there’s a new audience out there: 15-, 16-year-old kids. I got 15-year-old kids coming up to me saying “You’re an influence.” You don’t realize how good that feels – it’s something I’ve done right in my life and I’m very proud of it. It that kid could pick up a bass and feel the way I feel about it and make his day be a little bit better, that’s what it’s all about. It’s like passing the torch a little bit – we’ve been lucky, we’ve had a great time, if I could make somebody feel as good as the bass and music has made me feel that’s what it’s all about at this point. I feel like Anthrax is finally getting the recognition you guys deserve after all of these years, working so hard and putting out music and touring the hell out of your records. I congratulate you guys and I think it’s finally your time. Thank you, well and you know, Jackie people like you and this isn’t a kiss ass – the truth of the matter is we know our friends and people like you have supported the band forever and have been with us along this ride, peaks and valleys. There are no angels in this band, we know you have good times, you have lean times, there have been a lot lean times but it’s good to be back in this kind of way right now. We don’t know where it’s going to go – we hope it goes further but we’re taking it day to day, it’s a good vibe. There’s a metal thing going on right now, there’s a resurgence that we all know is here so we’re very happy to be part of it. We’re humbled that we are still a part of it – 30 years in, come on, we’re having a great time, we’re more relevant than ever, people love this record. For people to say this is our finest work – which we’ve heard in a lot of reviews and thank you for that, God that’s all you could really ask. That means it’s relevant and it made people feel a certain way and that’s what matters. It really got people listening again and we’re ready for it. Full Metal Jackie will welcome Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed on her next show. Full Metal Jackie can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Daily Reload: Suicide Silence, Black Sabbath + More

Mary Ouellette, Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker passed away Thursday morning at the age of 28 following a Wednesday night motorcycle accident. [ Loudwire ] Black Sabbath , who will headline one of two nights at Ozzfest Japan , are still in the recording process of their new album, according to Tony Iommi . [ Loudwire ] Soundgarden will play three small gigs in big cities this month to promote the ‘King Animal’ album. [ Loudwire ] Guns N’ Roses kicked off their Las Vegas residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with a well-received show. [ Loudwire ] Trent Reznor ‘s How to Destroy Angels project has unveiled a new video for the song ‘Keep It Together.’ [ Loudwire ] Starting to think about Christmas yet? The kings of music merchandising, Kiss , have a holiday gift guide. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill is among those who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] Battlecross are moving from the ‘Trespass America’ trek this past summer to experiencing the ‘Growing Pains’ tour with Abiotic. [ Rock Music Report ] Atoms for Peace , the band featuring Radiohead ‘s Thom Yorke and Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘ bassist Flea , have offered up the song ‘What the Eyeballs Did.’ [ ] From the office of “We didn’t know that was a job”: Professional mattress jumper. [ GuySpeed ]

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