Hatebreed Singer Jamey Jasta Brings Out Sportscaster Dan Patrick’s Metal Side

Ethan Miller / Chris Trotman, Getty Images Dan Patrick – metal head? It appears to be true as the former ESPN anchor and current radio sports talk and NBC football host recently showed his metal tendencies by coming out of a commercial break with Hatebreed  frontman  Jamey Jasta ‘s voice blaring to all his listeners. The host got into the music so much that he decided to shout Jasta’s lyrics as they hit the airwaves and debated whether or not he could pursue metal as a side career. “I could be one of those heavy metal guys I think,” explained Patrick. “I just don’t have the energy and I don’t have the hair where you just you’re whipping it. I don’t know if I have the energy to go [with] one of those, what are they, speed [metal]?” The song, for those who don’t recognize it, was penned specifically by the singer with his solo project Jasta for the Dan Patrick Show. It provides the theme music for Patrick “Seton” O’Connor’s ‘Stat of the Day’ segment on the radio program. The host has had a wide array of acts on his show, and metal has been represented over the years. In fact, GWAR ‘s Oderus Urungus turned in one of the more memorable appearances on the show. With Patrick and the recent John Clayton commercial for ESPN featuring him in a  Slayer t-shirt, we’re wondering if and when we might see a metal sportscasters band forming. However, Clayton would have to clear it with his mom before rocking out with Patrick. Watch Dan Patrick Rock Out to Hatebreed [button href=”http://loudwire.com/hatebreed-finish-tracking-new-album/” title=”Next: Hatebreed Finish Tracking Next Album” align=”center”]

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Hatebreed Singer Jamey Jasta Brings Out Sportscaster Dan Patrick’s Metal Side

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