Bobaflex, ‘The Sound of Silence’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

New Ocean Media Bobaflex are sure to turn a few heads with their standout cover of Simon and Garfunkel ‘s ‘The Sound of Silence,’ and Loudwire is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the new video for the song. In the clip, the band members deal with an obsessed fan with murderous intent on her mind. Singer/guitarist Marty McCoy explains, “The idea for the video came from the song itself. ‘The Sound of Silence’ was written about the assassination of JFK, and how the nation felt as a whole during this tragic event. Today, we as nation experience the same feeling every time the news shows another unmeditated psycho, with a gun shooting innocent people, in places we thought were safe.” The video shows the fan’s growing obsession with the group through her shrine built at home featuring numerous pictures of the band. From there, she turns up at show after show before finally getting the nerve to hop in her car and speed off to find the group members to enact her plan. For Bobaflex, Simon and Garfunkel might not seem like an obvious choice. However, the hard rockers show they are more than capable with the vocal and musical skill to pull off the faithful and harmonic sounds that the original duo had for the first portion of the song before they finally rock-up the track, thus putting their own stamp on a classic. McCoy says, “Picking this song to cover was an easy choice. I had become a little disenfranchised with the way that music was being performed live. It seemed that everybody was using tracks with background vocals, guitars, and keyboards that weren’t really on stage. It had become so common that I wondered if we were missing the boat. Should Bobaflex be using tracks? The answer is … NO!!!! I was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction one night and it all became clear. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel took to the stage with an acoustic guitar and one microphone. My mind was forever changed. Those two guys made music that was beautiful and real. The next day we were in the studio recording ‘The Sound of Silence’ and trying our best not to butcher it.” ‘The Sound of Silence’ is the third single from Bobaflex’s ‘Hell in My Heart’ album, which is out now. The group is currently touring , with dates lined up into late October. Watch Bobaflex’s Video for ‘The Sound of Silence’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Bobaflex Share Their Ambitions” align=”center”]

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Bobaflex, ‘The Sound of Silence’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

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