Ill Nino Reveal ‘Epidemia’ Track Listing + Offer Sample of Song ‘The Depression’

Facebook: Ill Nino Things are starting to fall into place for Ill Nino ‘s new album, ‘Epidemia.’ Having already announced  the title and Oct. 22 release date of the disc, the band has now revealed the full track listing while offering a song sample. Ill Nino continue their musical growth with their sixth full-length record. The Latin rockers have expanded upon their bilingual vocals and hard-hitting tracks with more tribal rhythms and powerful melodies taking hold on this record. Fans can take a listen to a little bit of the new record courtesy of an album trailer that recently surfaced. The used the album’s opener, ‘The Depression,’ to soundtrack the clip, which is featured below. The group spent plenty of time traveling before finishing the disc, with sessions in Hoboken, N.J., Austin, Texas, and Denver, Colo., before wrapping up the album. Having enjoyed a bit of a break between the studio and the recording, they recently picked up near where they left off as their recent tour started in Fort Collins, Colo. The group is currently out on the road through mid-October with Static-X and Emmure . In related news, upstarts Shogun have joined the trek as well. Ill Nino’s drummer Dave Charvarri manages the group and has been in the studio producing the band’s debut disc. Listen to a Sample of Ill Nino’s ‘The Depression’ Ill Nino’s ‘Epidemia’ Track Listing: 1. ‘The Depression’ 2. ‘Only the Unloved’ 3. ‘La Epidemia’ 4. ‘Eva’ 5. ‘Demi-God’ 6. ‘Death Wants More’ 7. ‘Escape’ 8. ‘Time Won’t Save You’ 9. ‘Forgive Me Father…’ 10. ‘Invisible People’

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Ill Nino Reveal ‘Epidemia’ Track Listing + Offer Sample of Song ‘The Depression’

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