Jon Bon Jovi on Daughter’s Heroin Overdose: ‘We’ll Get Through It’

Tim Whitby, Getty Images Jon Bon Jovi has not spoken publicly about his 19-year-old daughter Stephanie’s heroin overdose (and subsequent arrest ) in a dorm room on a New York college campus on Nov. 14 … until now. The rock singer opened up, briefly, during an interview with Fox 11 L.A., to thank people for their support of his family during this trying time and to admit that even a difficult situation such as this is part of the cycle of life. “It’s human,” the singer said, in a measured tone when asked about his daughter. “What I do for a living, it seems glitzy and glamorous, but if you don’t take it too seriously, it’s a great way to make a living. And then life goes on. Things happen. This tragedy is something… was something that I had to face too, so we’ll get through it.” The criminal charges of drug possession against Stephanie Rose Bongiovi were dropped, and she made a recovery at a local hospital, so she dodged two bullets. JBJ also made sure to thank those who were sending their good thoughts and prayers to his family. “And people’s incredible warm wishes for my family and I have been really reassuring. So, we’re good,” he finished. Watch Jon Bon Jovi Talk Daughter’s Heroin Overdose ?

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Jon Bon Jovi on Daughter’s Heroin Overdose: ‘We’ll Get Through It’

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