Josh Homme Single ‘Nobody to Love’ Rolls Over ‘End of Watch’ Credits

Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images Those waiting for a new Queens of the Stone Age album will have to settle for the Josh Homme solo single titled ‘Nobody to Love’ for the time being. The track made a rather low-key debut late last week as it appeared over the closing credits of Jake Gyllenhaal-Michael Pena cop movie, ‘End of Watch.’ Antiquiet reported that Homme was breaking from the band’s current sessions back in July long enough to record the song for the film. The track was co-written with and also features producer Dave Sardy, who turns up with music throughout the soundtrack. Unfortunately, it does not feature on the commercial release of the  film’s soundtrack , but fans can still get it on the iTunes version . The track itself begins with the sound of piano keys, but eventually morphs into a more Homme-sounding cut with fuzzed-out bass and the singer’s dream-like delivery of the lyrics. The sorrowful track hits home with the chorus, “ There’s nobody to love / No pill’s gonna cure my ill .” Homme has been rather busy of late, also recording an unnamed  track with Queens for Amnesty International that will be part of a forthcoming release. In the process of revealing their involvement, Queens of the Stone Age also directed fans to read about the execution of Troy Davis and to join Amnesty International’s efforts dealing with human rights cases. Queens of the Stone Age scrapped their initial attempt at a record earlier in the year, but Homme and company returned to the studio in mid-August , posting a photo to let fans know that work had begun. Listen to Dave Sardy and Josh Homme’s ‘End of Watch’ Song, ‘Nobody to Love’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Queens of the Stone Age: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

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Josh Homme Single ‘Nobody to Love’ Rolls Over ‘End of Watch’ Credits

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