KING DIAMOND Announces Two European Summer Tour Dates

Last week, Rob told us that King Diamond was getting ready to hit the road as he had signed a deal with two major booking agencies. Earlier this week, King Diamond himself announced that he will be playing two European shows this summer.

The ever elusive King Diamond underwent triple-bypass surgery on his heart back in 2010, and has kept himself relatively out of the spotlight. He did manage to return to the stage with Mercyful Fate last month at the second show Metallica had at the Fillmore in San Francisco to celebrate the Metallica‘s 30 year career.

In the video recently uploaded to Sweden Rock Festival’s YouTube account, the King announced that he would be playing headlining at the Sweden Rock Festival. Blabbermouth is also reporting that he will be performing at Hellfest, which is also in June. While these are summer shows, we still might see something from King Diamond during the Winter touring schedule, but we will have to wait to see.

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