Resolution Is Now Here

I went to Best Buy about an hour ago and picked myself a copy of Resolution by Lamb of God. Of course I picked up the special edition that includes 12 live songs from Wrath. I ran out to my SUV and ripped open the packaging and popped it in. I sat back in the parking lot and listened. I am digging it already. They, being Lamb of God, out did themselves. This is a really good heavy metal cd. I can’t wait to see them play this stuff live. Last time I saw them I was one of their contest winners for the meet and greet and got to watch them do their sound check.

I put together a video of their first two songs off the new cd with a compilation of plane crashes. Hope you like it.

After the sound check we took some pictures and talked for a few minutes. I had so many questions, I wish I could spend one day with them.

Go pick up their new cd. Here is a listing of their songs:

1. Straight for the Sun

2. Desolation

3. Ghost Walking

4. Guilty

5. The Undertow – I loved it

6. The Numer Six

7. Barbarosa

8. Invictus

9. Cheated

10. Insurrection

11. Terminally Unique

12. To The End

13. Visitation

14. King Me

Thanks Lam of God for putting out such a great cd. Come down to Corpus Christi, TX when you tour starts.

Here is their very first video off the new cd Ghost Walking

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