Landmine Marathon Part Ways With Singer Grace Perry, Announce New Vocalist

Prosthetic Sad news for Landmine Marathon fans: The band’s phenomenally brutal and unnerving vocalist Grace Perry has chosen to depart from the band. After eight years with Phoenix, Ariz., death metal act, Grace Perry has called it quits so she can focus on ‘non-musical endeavors.’ The news is surprising to say the least, as Perry was only one of two original members left in the band, the other being bassist Matt Martinez. Landmine Marathon have also been at the top of their game since the 2011 release of ‘Gallows,’ which featured some of the band’s nastiest songwriting yet, along with unforgettable aggression in the voice of Grace Perry, which we spotlit in our Brutal Female Metal Vocalists feature. An official press release broke the news earlier today (Oct. 25), adding an official statement from the band: This summer, Grace decided to leave the band to pursue non-musical endeavors. We are grateful for all of her contributions to LANDMINE MARATHON and wish her nothing but future successes. Krysta Martinez (pictured above) of the band Transient has been scouted to take Perry’s spot on vocals.┬áThe new Landmine singer definitely has a set of brutal pipes, which has already been demonstrated in an alternate edition of the Landmine Marathon song ‘Dead Horses,’ which Krysta has lent her voice to. Krysta Martinez has issued her own statement, in which she expresses her excitement while still praising the talents of Grace Perry. I’m stoked to be creating music with Landmine Marathon and look forward to hitting the road with them in coming months. Grace is an amazing vocalist, and filling her shoes is a great challenge. Things have been incredibly enjoyable so far and the best is surely yet to come. Check out both versions of ‘Dead Horses’ below and decide for yourself if Krysta Martinez can meet Landmine Marathon’s quota of sonic violence. Landmine Marathon, ‘Dead Horses’ (Original Recording) Landmine Marathon, ‘Dead Horses’ (Krysta Martinez Version)

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Landmine Marathon Part Ways With Singer Grace Perry, Announce New Vocalist

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