Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Offers Second Video Update Following Hernia Surgery

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Having surgery for a hernia is a painful process, and Machine Head ‘s Robb Flynn can attest to that. The rocker, who had emergency surgery earlier this week, has been documenting the process and sharing his recovery with fans via a video diary. The first installment showed Flynn coming out of the surgery successfully and feeling somewhat alright due in part to the drugs that were killing the pain he was experiencing. The second installment (watch below)¬†finds Flynn a little bit worse for wear. In the new diary, we see a barely mobile Flynn struggling to stand up straight, and revealing, “I guess I was on a lot of pain meds when I left the hospital, because they’ve all worn off now. I’m really — it’s brutal.” Midway through the clip, the singer has had a difficult night trying to sleep and reveals that he couldn’t lift his left leg without excruciating pain. Even at his weakest, the rocker still kept his sense of humor, sharing, “I feel like I’ve been dry humping for a week with a girl who ain’t putting out.” Since this happened while the band was on tour, Flynn was left to wait out his recovery at a local hotel rather than flying home, and the musician admits that even though he was scheduled to fly that day, it likely wasn’t going to happen. After a bit of a time jump, the rocker leaves his room to show that the place where he was staying had a water park right outside. By the end of the video, Flynn seems noticeably better and admits that being able to step outside and take in what’s going on around him has lifted his spirits. The singer will continue his recovery and has hopes of Machine Head rejoining the tour with Dethklok that the band had started before the need for surgery occurred. However, it’s too early to establish a timetable for that happening as of yet. Watch Machine Head Frontman Robb Flynn’s Second Diary on His Surgery [button href=”” title=”Watch the First Installment of Robb Flynn’s Recovery Diary” align=”center”]

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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Offers Second Video Update Following Hernia Surgery

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