Motorhead Launch Line of Motorheadphones The world’s loudest rock band has just launched the world’s loudest headphones. The legendary Motorhead have released a total of nine types of ‘Motorheadphones,’ including three kinds of traditional headphones and six in-ear models. Each model of headphone is named after a Motorhead song, with the traditional types entitled, ‘Bomber,’ ‘Ironfist’ and ‘Motorizer.’ The six types of in-ear headphones are labeled as ‘Overkill’ and ‘Trigger,’ with the models available in black, silver and brass. Motorheadphones are available at and the price range for the earphones are between £39.99 – £49.99 ($64 – $80) and the headphones go for £69.99 – £129.99 ($112 – $208). “No weak-kneed, lily-livered, tin-pot and skinny sounding little pieces of garbage, no, that ain’t Motörhead’s style,” the band comments. “These are headphönes designed to deliver everything louder than everything else but with the sort of range, clarity and true rock reproduction you’d expect from a band of road warriors who have been at the top of the tree year after year. Because, like üs, these don’t fuck around… remember, if it’s too loud, you’re too old.” Motorheadphones were first unveiled at a press conference from IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Germany on Aug. 31. Check out some footage from the launch along with a video of the band’s official commercial for the headphones below. Motorheadphones Promotional Video Motorheadphones Release at IFA

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Motorhead Launch Line of Motorheadphones

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