Nikki Sixx Takes New Creative Direction With ‘Schecter Sixx’ Bass

Kathy Flynn, Nikki Sixx is a man of many passions, as evidenced by his career as a successful author, photographer and radio host as well as the musical work he’s best known for as a member of Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M . On Saturday (Jan. 26), Sixx was able to reveal his latest creative venture, the new ‘Schecter Sixx’ signature series bass , during the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. In a roundtable discussion with a handful of media outlets, including Loudwire, Sixx spoke about his transition from being a longtime supporter of Gibson to taking an active role in the creation of his new bass with Schecter. The bassist revealed, “I was very loyal to Gibson for a lot of years, [but] towards the last few years it sort of became … the quality of the instrument became not very consistent and it became frustrating for me … some would sound great and some wouldn’t.” Over time, Sixx says he began to consider making a change and after meeting with Schecter, he knew he had found a kindred spirit. “When I met with Schecter it was like an instant fit where we really seemed to understand each other,” says Sixx. “[We agreed on] what was best for the consumer, the player, as well as for me, as for the fit of what I feel the bass is about and we put together this bass and this is it. I’m really excited.” The bassist says that making an all-purpose instrument was the big key for him, adding, “I wanted to have it not only for me in recording, but for other players to have a little bit of versatility. I loved the kill switch in my other basses. I just hotwired everything past the volume and the tone so that I could just on-off. But when I get in the studio that didn’t necessarily work for me, so I would reach for another bass at times. So I wanted this bass to be the bass while I’m recording and I’m always recording. I think with technology we’re always laying down ideas now, so I didn’t want to have to search out a different instrument for that.” Sixx says he also loved incorporating the P Bass pickups in the rear position with the EMG’s up front to provide a little more flexibility. He’s also fond of the sleekness of the instrument and how the weight-distribution has made it less neck-heavy. Overall, Sixx says he’s very satisfied making the transition to Schecter, concluding, “I just enjoy being creative. Whenever I can get in a circle with other creative people and just jam and see stuff happen, it’s really exciting. What’s been really exciting about Schecter and working with the design of the bass, we’re talking about the sound and the feel and how the company works together in delivering the message, that’s all creative stuff. It’s all good stuff.” Check out the details and specs of the ‘Schecter Sixx’ bass here , and stay tuned for more from our roundtable discussion with Nikki Sixx, including the latest on Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Nikki Sixx Songs” align=”center”]

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Nikki Sixx Takes New Creative Direction With ‘Schecter Sixx’ Bass

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