Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Sends Flowers to Wye Oak ‘Hater’ Jenn Wasner

Twitter: Wye Oak Papa Roach have a lot of fans out there, and they may have taken the first step to winning over one more. In a special feature for a recent interview, Wye Oak’s Jenn Wanser chose Papa Roach’s ‘Scars’ as her most hated song, but did have a few reservations about doing so. Rather than a war of words erupting between the pair, Wasner was surprised to receive flowers from Jacoby Shaddix . As part of an ongoing piece for the AV Club , they’ve asked musicians for the most hated tracks and somewhat begrudgingly Wasner chose ‘Scars.’ She stated, “When I heard this song for the first time, it sounded like ‘Butt Rock Band Goes to Therapy and Picks Up a Few Therapy Buzz Phrases and Then Writes a Song.’ It was also like, ‘Singer of Said Butt Rock Band Discovers What a Metaphor Is.’” But having said that, Wasner explained, “I’m actually feeling really bad, picking this person’s song apart, because how could it not be completely genuine when you read these lyrics?” The singer says after breaking down the song a little bit, she realizes that despite her own opinions, it definitely connected with a lot of people. She added, “Who am I to say this is the worst song of all time? … And I guess that’s not what this feature is … the song is most hated song. It doesn’t mean that it is objectively bad or that I’m trying to say that it is objectively bad. Disclaimer, everybody!” It didn’t take long after the article was printed for it to reach Papa Roach, and Shaddix took the high road by sending flowers to Wasner at her New York show with a message that read: “Compassion’s in my nature. From Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach.” Initially thinking she was being set up for a joke, Wasner posted a photo of the flowers on Twitter with the message, “OK fess the F— up, WHO DID THIS?? Is this for real??” Papa Roach tweeted back, “Yes it’s for real. Those are some pretty flowers! Haha all good girl … Take care and good luck in this crazy biz we call show! Jacoby.” According to Brooklyn Vegan , after receiving the confirmation, Wasner shared with the audience at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, explaining, “Tonight is a very special night. Tonight is the night I got flowers from Papa Roach … The moral of the story is, if you talk s—, people will send you flowers.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Papa Roach Preview ‘Before I Die'” align=”center”]

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Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Sends Flowers to Wye Oak ‘Hater’ Jenn Wasner

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