Paradise Lost, ‘Fear of Impending Hell’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

Paul Harries, Century Media UK metal veterans Paradise Lost released their 13th album, ‘Tragic Idol,’ earlier this year, and now the band is premiering the music video for the song ‘Fear of Impending Hell’ exclusively on Loudwire. As the morose and down-tempo track begins, slow motion footage of the band playing live provides an interesting contrast, reminding the listener of the times when they may have felt alone within a mass group of people. Compiled with footage of nature and day-in-the-life cinema, the somber track offers a great deal of positivity within its lyrics. The lyrics for ‘Fear of Impending Hell’ offer truth and optimism to the listener, but were partly inspired by vocalist Nick Holmes’ experiences as a father. Holmes says,“[‘Fear of Impending Hell’ is about] the things in life that may or may not be coming to us. Most people tend not to think about any bad things that may be coming their way, and the subject of death is something that is scary to everyone. When my kids ask me about it, I try to give them answers that make them feel happy and confident, but in reality I’m as bewildered as they are!” This year is sure to be a memorable one for Paradise Lost, not only due to the release of ‘Tragic Idol,’ but because the band is currently touring North America with progressive metal masters Katatonia and the Devin Townshend Project on the Epic Kings & Idols tour. Check out the tour dates here , and enjoy Paradise Lost’s new video for ‘Fear of Impending Hell.’ Paradise Lost, ‘Fear of Impending Hell’ [Exclusive Premiere] [button href=”” title=”Enter Loudwire’s ‘Epic Kings & Idols’ Prize Pack Giveaway” align=”center”]

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Paradise Lost, ‘Fear of Impending Hell’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

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