Arch Enemy Fight for Animal Rights in Graphic ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’ Video

Facebook: Arch Enemy Arch Enemy ‘s 2011 album, ‘Khaos Legions,’ continues it’s triumphant reign, as the band has just released a video for the album’s fourth single, ‘Cruelty Without Beauty.’ Targeted towards combatting animal cruelty, ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’ offers a disturbing look into the all-too-real truth behind vivisection, or the act of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation and scientific research. The lyrics for ‘Cruelty Without Beauty,’ which are transcribed throughout the video, address the horrors of vivisection. Vocalist Angela Gossow is an outspoken enemy of such scientific experiments, along with other forms of animal cruelty. “I’m very pleased we got this video done for one of my favourite songs off the ‘Khaos Legions’ album,” says Gossow. “The video is quite raw and extreme as it reflects the lyrics very well I believe, dealing with a subject matter close to my heart – animal cruelty and vivisection.” Gossow continues, “We want to thank the good folks at Peta2, Hardforce, Metalitalia and The Metal Circus for supporting a serious subject. All of us have been well aware that a video like this doesn’t find everybody’s acceptance. But rock music was always more than guitar riffs – it’s also the voice of the voiceless.” Although the video is disturbing, much of the animal cruelty footage is in black and white, along with being showcased in short bursts, which succeeds in spreading the song’s message without overwhelming the viewer. Check out Arch Enemy’s provocative video for ‘Cruelty Without Beauty.’ Arch Enemy, ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’ [Warning: Contains Graphic Images]

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Arch Enemy Fight for Animal Rights in Graphic ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’ Video

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