Job for a Cowboy’s Jonny Davy Talks ‘Demonocracy,’ Lineup Changes + More

Mary Ouellette, We recently had a chance to speak with Job for a Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy. As metal fans crammed into the tiny outdoor smoking area at New York City’s Irving Plaza, they got a first-hand look at our interview with Davy as we chatted with the deathcore vocal pioneer shortly after Job for a Cowboy’s set. In our interview with Davy, he spoke about Job for a Cowboy’s latest album, ‘Demonocracy,’ the evolution of the band since the pig-squealing ‘Doom’ EP, how Job for a Cowboy will disband if their current lineup changes + much more. ‘Demonocracy’ is your latest record. On this one especially, is there anything that you tried to accomplish that’s new from your previous albums? You know, a lot of bands find their comfort zone and they write the same record over and over and over again, which is fine; it works for other bands. But I think with us, I think it’s safe to say that when you listen to our older records to now, we’ve had a big upward spiral of progression; an experimentation almost and I feel like to make ourselves happy and to not get bored with it, we just try new things. I mean, we wrote the ‘Doom’ EP when we were about 16 years old. We’re all in our mid-to-late 20s now, so our music influences and favorites were much different from 16 to now. I think with our band, we got popular and we got a lot of recognition before we even put out a full length, which is weird; from a little ‘Doom’ EP. I think a lot of people already have their opinion on that and don’t give us a chance because of that, but things have changed so much over the years. We’ve been touring for seven our eight years now, which is terrifying and horrifying to think about. I’ve been doing it for this long already, but we like to spice things up. I think it’s very interesting because you guys were sort of the top tier of the MySpace deathcore wave. It must have been weird seeing a genre of music that you guys helped pioneer become hugely saturated online. It’s weird. In all reality, if we kept writing music like the ‘Doom’ EP, we would be making a lot more money than we are now. We just want to keep ourselves happy with the music, as cheesy as that sounds. But we’re just having fun and enjoying the music that we’ve been playing and trying new things, so I feel like it’s been working. I know it was a long time ago, but you guys dropped the pig squeal vocals. What was the mindset behind that? I mean, again, we were 16 years old when we wrote the ‘Doom’ EP and started touring. We started touring and we really made a realization. We’ve got so many influences. We were really influenced by Cattle Decapitation and Misery Index. It’s just growing up you know? I feel like a lot of people have been watching us grow up over the years and it’s kind of strange. It’s weird because most high school bands are just beginning to figure out music with their friends. That’s what it was. Everyone used to be in a high school band playing in their parents garages, not knowing what the f— we were doing, and magically we tour the U.S. and Europe and the rest of the world. It was kind of mind-blowing to all of us; so humbling when you really sit down and think about it. What was that like in high school? You know probably going from the outcast of your high school… Stereotypical metal outcasts. In reality, I feel like the majority that listen to metal kind of were outcasts, I suppose. I don’t know. I’m going to back to the word cool; it’s cool. You’re the only original member left in Job for a Cowboy. There’s been a lot of member changes over the years. What is it about this lineup? Does it feel a little more solid? I mean, to go back to the point; we started so early. When you’re that young, so many things can happen with school, college … when you go on tour, when you’re that young, so many things can happen. I feel like if we started this band in our mid-20s, we would have a solid lineup all the way through. If this lineup ever changes at this point, Job for a Cowboy is done. Really? Yeah, so if this lineup ever changes, that’s it. You’re so happy with this line up then that it would feel strange to be without it? Absolutely; again, as cheesy and stereotypical it is to say, I feel that this is our strongest lineup and I feel that if anyone were to leave it’s done. JFAC RIP. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage of Job for a Cowboy Recording ‘Demonocracy’

Job for a Cowboy’s Jonny Davy Talks ‘Demonocracy,’ Lineup Changes + More

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