President of Heavy Metal 2012 Election, Quarterfinals

After a massive turnout to the polls and some incredibly close battles, we’re entering the quarterfinals to elect the President of Heavy Metal. Fans came out with unwavering dedication for their favorite candidates, but with half of metal’s finest having been eliminated, we’re down to eight musicians. We’ve got some incredible head-to-head battles in the quarterfinals, including James Hetfield vs. Lemmy Kilmister; Dave Mustaine vs. Rob Zombie; Rob Halford vs. Kerry King; and Maynard James Keenan vs. Ozzy Osbourne. Who will make it to the Semifinals of our President of Heavy Metal election? It’s all up to you! Click below to begin casting your votes. [button href=”” title=”Click to Cast Your Votes for the President of Heavy Metal Election” align=”center”]

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President of Heavy Metal 2012 Election, Quarterfinals

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