Punk + Metal Jacket Designer: Chris Brown ‘Doesn’t F—in’ Know Who Cro-Mags Are!’

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / DNA Fashion Designs We punk rockers and metalheads are defensive when we spot a poser. The hard-fought careers of underground bands such as Municipal Waste , Suicidal Tendencies , Cro-Mags and Corrosion of Conformity are worth more than just a jacket, especially when that jacket is worn by R&B singer Chris Brown. The online metal community took aim at Brown after he was photographed wearing a leather jacket adorned with the logos of underground legends, and if you had any doubts about Brown’s sincerity underneath the fashion statement, the man who created the jacket, Noel Austin, has come out to say, “That guy doesn’t f—in’ know who Cro-Mags are.” Noel Austin of DNA Fashion Designs recently spoke with Metal Insider about Chris Brown and how the designer felt about seeing him wearing one of his jackets. “I was about s–t myself when I saw Chris Brown with my jacket that said ‘Cro-Mags’ on it,” Austin tells Metal Insider. “That guy doesn’t f—in’ know who Cro-Mags are. I didn’t sell it to him! Do you really think Chris Brown goes online and buys his own clothes? He doesn’t even write his own music.” Austin continues, “I’m 40 years old, an old punk rocker, a single parent, and with not much of an education. I’d always made everyone’s costumes onstage and made my own clothes, and I had a couple people offer to buy jackets off my back. At first, I was like, “f— you, you’re not punk rock, I’m not selling you my jacket.’ But when I almost lost my place to live, the next time someone offered to buy my jacket, I sold it to them, and a light bulb went off over my head and I realized I could stay home and take care of my family and do what I love doing. An opportunity came along, I jumped on it, and the next thing I know, celebrities are buying my s–t!” “The clothes I make are a direct reflection of my life,” adds Austin. “All the bands you see on the clothes, I grew up listening to them, and I still listen to them, or I’ve gotten turned on to them by other people … The beauty of what I do is I go to these shows, I buy the patches and support the bands, and I put these patches on the clothes and sell them on a worldwide level. And it promotes these bands.” Check out Noel Austin’s official website for DNA Fashion Designs , which proudly states, “Noel Austin’s creation WILL change you. This is more than fashion, more than image, it’s a lifestyle.” [button href=”http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/tfTvYMl7KLM/Chris+Brown+Steps+Out+Flashy+Jacket/1JhsKqP7_aQ” title=”See Pictures of Chris Brown Sporting the Metal Jacket” align=”center”]

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Punk + Metal Jacket Designer: Chris Brown ‘Doesn’t F—in’ Know Who Cro-Mags Are!’

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