Puscifer Practice for Upcoming Tour Dates – Exclusive Video Premiere

Puscifer Entertainment Puscifer are currently revving up for the release of their upcoming EP ‘Donkey Punch the Night’ along with a handful of tour dates in Australia and South America. To take you further into the realm of Maynard James Keenan and his Puscifer bandmates, we’ve got an exclusive video of the musical collective warming up for what is sure to be a spotlit year for the band’s career. Tool and A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan began Puscifer as an additional sonic alter-ego in 2003, with Keenan acting as the group’s sole permanent member. A decade after the idea was conceived, Puscifer are beginning to rise up not just as an obscure side project, but as a musical force comparable to both Tool and A Perfect Circle in terms of quality. Since the release of the 2011 full-length ‘Conditions of My Parole,’ Puscifer seem to have cemented a more secure lineup consisting of singer Carina Round , A Perfect Circle members Matt McJunkins and Jeff Friedl and guitarist Mat Mitchell among others. The band embarked on a theatrical U.S. tour last summer, and in this behind-the-scenes video, we witness Maynard and his band of curmudgeons in the middle of practice. One of the most interesting parts of the video is the band’s use of their framed television monitors, which magnify the heads of both Keenan and Round to mammoth proportions. Check out this rare look into the world of Puscifer in the video below, premiered exclusively here on Loudwire, and see the band’s current tour itinerary here . Puscifer Behind the Scenes Teaser

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Puscifer Practice for Upcoming Tour Dates – Exclusive Video Premiere

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