Royal Bliss Raise the Stakes with ‘Crazy’ Video

New Ocean Media Royal Bliss have struck a chord with their single ‘Crazy,’ and there’s now a striking new video that accompanies the track. At first, the clip seems like a normal tale of a father on the road who’s missing his family, with the song featuring lyrics like, “ I wish you knew that if I could I’d stay ” and “ I’m crazy for you baby, can’t you see, and I’m wondering if you’re crazy just like me .” However, the Chris Le-directed short film takes the seemingly familiar theme of a musician being away from home and ups the ante with a more intense conclusion. Singer Neal Middleton exclusively tells Loudwire, “‘Crazy’ is a song that means a lot to me personally. It’s a hard one to sing sometimes. I wrote it originally about my son, and being away from him on the road. You really do miss out on a lot of moments that you can never get back. I now have two boys so it is double hard. I also have an amazing wife that has been a huge support for me. She is my other ‘Baby.’” Because of his attachment to his family, Middleton says the Chris Le treatment really hit home with him. He recalls, “We didn’t want the video to be a boring literal depiction. So Chris came up with the concept of the video being based in a post-apocalyptic scenario. I have to leave my family again because we are one of the only bands left on the planet and we must help rebuild the world with rock and roll – bring people together ya know. He sold us on it for sure and we think he did a hell of a job with very, very little budget.” The clip will also always have a special meaning for Middleton, who says of his co-stars, “The beautiful girl and handsome lil’ man is my real wife and son. It meant a lot to me to have them involved. They did a great job. Everyone who worked on this video worked for free. Even where we filmed it was donated. The hangar you see us playing in was the hangar that housed the Enola Gay. They did all their training there at the Wendover airport to drop the bomb. Kind of a fitting backdrop for a post-apocalyptic based video. We hope you enjoy it.” Royal Bliss are currently on tour, with North American dates lined up into December. They are set to unleash ‘With a Smile’ as the next single off their latest album, ‘Waiting Out the Storm.’ Watch Royal Bliss’ ‘Crazy’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Royal Bliss’ Neal Middleton Performs on ‘The Voice'” align=”center”]

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Royal Bliss Raise the Stakes with ‘Crazy’ Video

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