Sebastian Bach + Billy Idol Guitarist Steve Stevens Writing for New Album

Facebook: Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach may be building up to the release of his live concert CD / DVD release, ‘ ABachalypse Now ,’ but there’s also plenty of fresh ideas floating around for the rocker at the moment. In a new studio update, Bach reveals that he’s been spending some time writing with Billy Idol guitar great Steve Stevens for his next record. Bach worked closely with talented young guitarist Nick Sterling on the 2011 album, ‘Kicking & Screaming,’ but the pair had a falling out toward the end of support for the record. Bach quickly replaced Sterling with guitarist Jeff George and it looks like the relationship with George will continue as well. In his latest studio update that he posted on his Facebook page , Bach wrote: Ideas are just starting to take shape for the next studio record. The legendary guitarist / great friend Steve Stevens has come up with one track so far that will definitely be on my next record. It is a kick ass cool rock ‘n roll song that I guarantee will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Just how I like it. We are going to work on more songs together too. Also my guitar player Jeff George has come up with a couple of great ideas that we will also be demoing very soon. We are really going to get cracking on the new material right away and have a new studio album out sooner than you think! I am so happy to collaborate with Steve he has always been one of my favorite guitar players! We are going out rock this bitch down to the ground in 2013 mother truckers! Bach has shared the stage with Stevens on occasion as part of the all-star covers band Camp Freddy and the pair performed a three-night stand in New York just last year. A photo of the pair in the studio can be seen above. While we wait for the new studio album, be sure to mark March 26 on your calendar for the release of the ‘ABachalypse Now’ concert CD / DVD. [button href=”” title=”Next: Sebastian Bach Clarifies Potential Book Comments” align=”center”]

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Sebastian Bach + Billy Idol Guitarist Steve Stevens Writing for New Album

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